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He gets arrested because… he was honking his horn all the time!

In the streets of Bourges, a motorist in a stolen car was driving too fast and kept honking!

It’s hard to understand this man who saw fit to honk constantly and of speeding aboard a stolen rental car… But it goes without saying that his behavior alerted the police, who arrested him on Friday evening. and honked in a car he had forgotten to return since July 4th!

He was honking and going too fast, among other things…

The facts took place in Bourges (Cher). Caught in the act of speeding, an individual seemed to want to show off by constantly honking the horn in the streets of the city. The intervention of the police helped to calm the situation but the police realized that this man was driving in a car that wasn’t his. These three offenses can cost him dearly.

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If you did not know it, know that the inopportune use of the horn is sanctioned with 135 euro fine, as this is considered noise pollution. In addition, the theft dating back more than a month will be punished when the investigation is completed and a trial takes place. The rental of his vehicle took place in Créteil, in the Val-de-Marne, but since then the owner has had no further news from this client. Aged 28, he was taken to the Bourges police station to answer for his actions. Placed in police custody, he must now provide all the elements to the investigators, who will try to shed light on this story. No one can explain, however, why this man was honking his horn all the time.

Since he was driving alone, it is difficult to interpret the reasons for his behavior. The findings of the survey will help define the profile of the driver and to understand what prompted him to act in this way in the streets of Bourges, on a Friday evening. Alcohol tests were negative, according to a source familiar with the matter.

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