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Mercedes Concept CLA (IAA Munich 2023): the future of electrification according to Mercedes

On the sidelines of the Munich show, Mercedes-Benz is presenting a new concept which, according to the brand, will redefine the entry-level Mercedes in the years to come.

Mercedes arrives in force at Munich. Indeed, Mercedes has just unveiled its vision for electrification, design and digital experience for its future entry-level models, the Mercedes Concept CLA. He announces a new era for the brand, one that promises to be electric, digital and resolutely turned towards the future, like the recent concept BMW Vision New classalso presented in Munich.

A completely redesigned entry-level?

A whole new platform

Mercedes-Benz has big ambitions with this concept. Indeed, the latter is based on the brand’s new platform, named MMA (Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture). It is this same platform that will host the whole new family of vehicles which will be composed of four models. According to the star brand, this platform should play a major role in accelerating Mercedes’ next fleet of electric cars as well as the wider electric strategy.

A promising powertrain

This new platform brings with it a new generation powertrain. The latter would be, according to the brand, ultra-efficient, because coming from the concept of Mercedes, the Vision EQXX. As a reminder, this concept had managed to cover 1,200 kilometers in a single charge with an average consumption of 8,3 kWh/100 km. In terms of charging, the Concept CLA is in configuration 800 V which gives it an ultra-fast recharge, namely, up to 400 km in only 15 min.

If the autonomy is revised downwards with this new CLA concept compared to the EQXX, it nevertheless remains impressive for the segment. Indeed, Mercedes announces more than 750 km range in WLTP cycle and a power consumption of approximately 12 kWh/100 km.

Flowing lines

In addition to a next-generation powertrain, the Vision EQXX boasted exceptional range thanks to a Aero Dynamics pushed. The same is true for the Mercedes Classe Concept CLA, which adopts fluid and refined lines for better aerodynamics, and therefore ultimately for better autonomy. Mercedes prides itself, on this concept, on the use of sustainable materials throughout the structure as well as in the interior.

LED lighting is visible on a very large part of the body. On the grille, we find the logo of the brand which sits proudly in the center of the latter. A multitude of small illuminated stars, of the most beautiful effect, complete the grille. We can hope that the production version of the next CLA will carry over a lot of design elements from this concept, because Mercedes has confirmed that the new CLA will be very close of this concept in terms of design.

A luxurious and technological interior

The interior of this concept is intended to be a mixture of luxe and of futuristic technology. Again, there are some elements of the EQXX concept such as the digital dashboard that extends from one door panel to another. Inside, the CLA Concept incorporates the brand’s all-new operating system, the MB.OS. If chips are usually hidden in the car, the MB-OS chip sits proudly in the cabin. The latter is equipped with its own lighting, so it is difficult to miss it.

The new MMA platform is the first to operate at 100% with MB.OS. This operating system uses artificial intelligence et machine learning. The latter gives the CLA Concept and the next model of the brand based on this platform, a level of personalization, safety, convenience, automated driving and entertainment. never seen in the history of the star brand.

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