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Stuck in traffic jams, he tries a special technique to gain meters

On board a Nissan Juke, this motorist completely left the road to overtake only two cars in traffic jams.

This motorist has somewhat lost the pedals in traffic jams. On board his Nissan Juke, it seems that he was in a great hurry, to the point of taking all possible riskseven if they weren’t really helpful.

An impatient in traffic jams

We all know the feeling that animates us in traffic jams. Frustration mixed with nervousness and impatience. In any case, that’s what this driver must have felt, who left the road with determination in order to overtake the cars in front of him. Except that this is completely prohibited and that the distribution of these images could well cost him dearly:

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A risky technique

Luckily, the driver did not have a flat tire and did not hit the body of his car against the pavement. Leaving the road to overtake only two cars seems a bit exaggerated but this motorist still gained a few seconds. What is curious is that he seems to have thought carefully, stopped behind the other vehicles, before making his decision. Filmed by a biker’s Dash Camwe can see that his behavior is dangerous.

After rolling in the grass, he falls back in line, as if nothing had happened. After having “succeeded in his coup”, he was honked by other motorists, shocked by his behavior. On social networks, Internet users did not hide their surprise at this behavior: “Maybe the biker was jealous he couldn’t overtake so he released the footage” or “I respect him, he’s the best Juke driver I’ve seen” or “Why don’t the other cars move forward if there’s room?” It’s always the same ! »

And you ? Would you have tried to overtake in the grass? Would you have honked if someone had dared to do so under your nose? Either way, more fear than harm for this individual, who hopefully arrived safely.

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