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He builds a 1,000 horsepower Toyota 2JZ engine by hand!

A mechanic got it into his head to rebuild a famous Toyota engine and boost it up to 1,000 horsepower.

Toyota’s 2JZ is one of the most legendary engines in the automotive world. It develops technical characteristics recognized in the industry. In particular, it equips Supra models, on which it easily develops a power of several hundred horses. But, it turns out that some enthusiasts are able to push it even further.

Nowadays, however, the 2JZ is not really used anymore. For Toyota, it posed a particular problem in terms ofgreenhouse gas emissions and pollution. It’s also not the best performing engine from a fuel efficiency standpoint. This reality did not stop a mechanic, a certain Mike, from trying to rebuild one himself.

This Mechanic Rebuilds a 1,000 Horsepower Motor Himself

mike is started from zero to build his own 2JZ engine. With his team, he did not quite want to reproduce the version of the engine that was produced by Toyota. The objective is also to benefit from the potential of 2JZ to boost it and reach no less than 1,000 horsepower. He thus installed several parts specially designed to increase the power of the engine.

Its engine, for example, was designed by incorporating Brian Crower camshafts and Soups Supertech. Above all, Mike installed a crankshaft capable of pushing the power of the 2JZ engine up to the much sought-after 1,000 horsepower. With this crankshaft, the engine runs at approx. 7 500 tr/min. However, such performance runs the risk of being too violent for certain engine components.

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Particularly technical work

To prevent certain components from breaking, Mike asked for the installation of a harmonic balancer of good quality. Several other works were carried out by his team of mechanics to balance the engine. In particular, they carried out a chamfering of holes and a micro-polishing of the journals. As much technical tasks of which these specialists have the secret.

Mike exhibited his creation on video, on YouTube. Nevertheless, he did not show what his new 2JZ engine is capable of. He has in fact no tests carried out, at least in this video, on a car. It will thus still be necessary to carry out many works to install it on a vehicle and to actually use it.

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