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Manual gearboxes: these habits to ban immediately

When driving with a manual transmission, bad habits can quickly damage the mechanics.

In the current car fleet, you have the possibility to choose between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission.

The latter has always some popularity In France. However, bad habits while driving can damage faster this element. Here are a few to banish right away.

Leave your hand on the gear lever

Here is the first habit to ban immediately. In fact, when you leave your hand on the gear lever, you will damage all of the mechanism.

For what ? Because you will thus perform constant pressure on the lever during the path.

The weight of your hand will thus cause friction Forks against the rotating neck and thus premature wear. Therefore, it is important to well keep both hands on the wheel.

Keep the clutch depressed when stationary

You’re at a red light, at a stop sign or even in traffic jamsand the disaster you keep the clutch pressed off.

It’s a habit to avoid at most in order to reduce premature wear that you can cause.

This action is absolutely not necessary in the proper functioning of the mechanism. Moreover, you will damage stop easier.

start in second

Who has never done it: a start with the second report. If some use it more than others, it’s a habit to be banned immediately.

Indeed, once again, you will cause premature wear of your clutch. By doing this you will increase load on the mechanism.

The consequence is simple: overheating and so premature wear. It is therefore preferable to start with first gear.

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