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Nissan Ariya: what do our readers think?

ELECTRIC 87 kWh Evolve 242 hp – 475 km(1)

61 400 € / 57 700 € *

* True purchase price integrating the potential discount and the green bonus/penalty.

1. Average range, Auto Plus lab measurement


Le design

Despite a massive size, the Ariya is quite graceful. The slenderness of the headlights and the shiny black grille contribute to this. This same color applied to the sidewall protections also brings a refinement superior to that of the Enyaq. I also appreciate the sober integration of the taillight strip.

The Ariya seduces, but forgets the practical aspects a little too much

life on board

The compartmentalized floor of the trunk is ingenious. However, a ski hatch is missing. I am well installed in the back, but the tall ones will have a little less space than in the Enyaq. In addition, the softness of the upholstery of the Ariya is pleasant. Ditto for the sleek dashboard and the screens, visible and responsive. On the other hand, the storage areas are ridiculous. The daily practicality takes a serious hit.


The retrovision is less obvious than in the Enyaq. But the grip is easy and I feel safe, despite the clumsy side of the Ariya in the turns. I appreciate the extra power, which is very noticeable. In addition, the gentler dosage of energy regeneration is a plus. But it is above all the superior autonomy of the Nissan that gives food for thought…

1. Average range, Auto Plus lab measurement

1473 76556 k4 k3 189189

Le design

The massive and square silhouette of the Ariya questions me about its aerodynamics. The style is nevertheless nice, futuristic and neat, the chrome touches raising the standard. The rear follows this overall logic, which gives it a more aggressive look than that of the Model Y, with its rounded lines.

It’s convincing, but my Model Y stays ahead

life on board

Between the many buttons and multiple multimedia menus, we get lost a bit. My Tesla’s single screen is much better. I also notice this faux wood of a particular taste and the rougher finish. Charging the smartphone, under the central armrest, is poorly placed and the storage space is ridiculously small. On the other hand, comfort is appreciable in all places. Without demerit, the loading capacity of the Ariya can do nothing compared to the hold of my Tesla.


The comfort is superior, but I feel the weight of the machine when driving. In addition, the battery life, even better than at Tesla, is a good point. I am less satisfied with the regeneration, too weak to practice the “one pedal”(2). Similarly, if the power is sufficient on a daily basis, the acceleration is too linear.

1. Average range, Auto Plus lab measurement


Le design

The stocky look of the Ariya leaves me with a feeling of déjà vu when compared to my more original Ioniq 5. But the curve of the roof and the two-tone effect due to the black painted parts please me. I also appreciate the “grounded” side of the back.

It has a mouthful!

Less original, this Nissan makes up for it on the road

life on board

The Alcantara strips covering the storm doors and the dashboard are nice. The “plastoc” fake wood, much less… And for a novelty, the multimedia does not seem as attractive to me as in my Ioniq 5. In the context of family use, you feel more confined to the back, and the bench seat back cannot be adjusted in inclination. As for the volume of the trunk, it is correct.


Getting started is easy. One detail, however, for me who brakes with the left foot: the pedal lacks progressiveness, especially since the battery regeneration force does not allow the car to be completely stopped by releasing the accelerator. On the other hand, the engine has fishing. And, good point, the Ariya is smooth on the road. If we add a greater autonomy than that of my Ioniq 5, this test proves to be convincing.

1. Average range, Auto Plus lab measurement

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