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Stellantis: the majority of its engines are compatible with synthetic fuel

After internal tests, Stellantis has just announced that 28 million of their vehicles can receive synthetic fuel, without engine modification.

Stellantis engines produced since 2014 are compatible with synthetic fuels. This is the result of the tests carried out by the group led by Carlos Tavares, which has analyzed in recent months the 24 families of engines that equip several vehicles sold in Europe under the Euro 6 standard.

En substance, 28 million vehicles in circulation are thus ready to receive synthetic fuelwithout the need for technical modifications to the engine.

Real gains in reducing CO emissions2 ?

As Stellantis points out, the tests were conducted with synthetic fuels supplied by Aramco and obtained by reacting CO2 captured in the atmosphere or in an industrial facility with renewable hydrogen.

According to the study, the use of these synthetic fuels would reduce emissions by 70% over the entire engine life cycle affected compared to conventional fuels.

A still too rare solution

Stellar estimates a reduction of 400 million tonnes of CO2 between 2025 and 2050. Nevertheless, it is clear that synthetic fuels are still not widespreadat least for now, although many companies are redoubling their efforts in this area.

For example, Aramco is working with ENOWA in Saudi Arabia to make synthetic gasoline for light vehicles, while in Spain it is also experimenting with synthetic diesel for aircraft.

“Our priority is to offer zero-emission mobility for all by focusing in particular on electrification. Our collaboration with Aramco represents an important and complementary step for vehicles already in circulation. We are exploring all solutions to achieve our ambitious strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2038. Synthetic fuels can have a massive and almost immediate impact on reducing CO2 emissions.2 of the existing park »says Ned Curic, director of engineering and technology at Stellantis.

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