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Only 10 hours to produce a Renault 5!

It’s an announcement that makes a lot of noise! Renault, through Gille Le Borgne, the brand’s engineering director, said the diamond will be able to produce the next Renault 5 in record time. We explain how this is possible.

It is for our colleagues to Challenge what Gilles Le Borgne made this announcement on the sidelines of the Munich Motor Show (IAA 2023). Indeed, Renault announces that it can build its next Renault 5 in only 10 hours in its factory in Douai in the north of France.

Renault at the top of the ranking

It’s very simple, if Renault manages to achieve this engineering feat, the brand would be among the most efficient in this field. Indeed, the Japanese, reputed to be a reference in the matter, need between 1 and 2 p.m. to produce a vehicle. We can also cite Tesla, which prides itself on being able to build a vehicle in nine o’clock watch in hand.

Gilles Le Borgne recalls in Challenge that in the 2000s, a Peugeot 207 required 17 hours for its manufacture. An example that highlights the major advances made by manufacturers in their production methods.

For those who have doubts about the allegations of the director of engineering, the latter specifies that 10 hours to build a Renault 5 it’s not a guessclaiming that Renault would already be already capable of doing so.

Renault wants to do even better!

Despite this announcement, luca de meothe managing director of Renault, wants his brand to be even better in this domain. Indeed, the objective of the diamond mark would be to achieve nine o’clock to produce a Renault 5. Renault would then place itself at the level of Tesla.

The brand’s objective with its Renault 5 is to make electric cars accessible to as many people as possible. The latter would, in all likelihood, be proposed to less than €25,000 excluding bonus. A low price which could be explained thanks, precisely, to this very tight production time. In fact, the shorter the production time, the cheaper the car will cost to produce and therefore, ultimately, the less it will be expensive purchase.

All that remains is to wait for the start of production of Renault’s small electric city car to see if words are followed by deeds.

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