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Porsche: this body kit turns a Boxster into a 911!

Reconciling the charm of a 911 from the 60s with the comfort of a Boxster from 1996, this body kit did it, but costs as much as a used 911…

At Porsche in the mid-1990s, times were tough. After the discontinuation of the 928 and 968 in 1995, all that remains in the catalog is the 911 (type 993), launched in 1993, which is reserved for a wealthy public. There is an urgent need to make the brand more accessible, by introducing a more entry-level model than the 911. This is how the Boxster was born, which came out in 1996. Contraction of “Boxer” and “Roadster”, it reconciles, as its name suggests, the “paw” of Porsche flat-six engines (called Boxer), with a body of roadster compact. Smaller, less energy-consuming and more comfortable on a daily basis than a 911, the Boxster will be a real hitfor a success that continues today.

A commercial box despite the criticisms

But in the eyes of some purists, the Boxster – like the Cayman – is a “sub-Porsche”. Like the front-engined Porsches of the time (924, 944, 928 and 968). Tradition would have it that the one and only Porsche is the 911, designed and cut for pure performance. No offense to them, the little Boxster has just as much right to wear the Porsche badge as its big sister. Especially since it also inherits a six-cylinder flat engine, nestled in the central-rear position. Finally ! New battle in this Boxster/911 duel: a body kit that allows you to pass your Boxster 986 for a 911. An entire program…

Real Porsche, fake 911

It’s the Slovak coachbuilder Hederik Design who originated it. He designed a body shell which is to be installed on a 986 series. This requires removing the almond-shaped headlamps and rear lights, and replacing them with inserts that mimic those of a 911 from the 1960s. It also includes a specific spoiler and specific air grilles. On board, the seats and the steering wheel are new, and covered with orange Alcantara, a nod to the exterior livery. To have the chance to drive in this 986 with the false air of 911, there are several conditions. Have a Boxster already, which costs the minimum €15,000 used. Buy the kit, billed €9,990, then have it installed and painted the color of your choice. A hell of an investment!

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