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Autonomy of electric cars: a body film as a miracle solution?

German researchers have developed a body film capable of improving the autonomy of electric cars.

Today, the electric car market is becoming increasingly important, and has been for several years now. In question, the financial incentives on the part of the government, but also the restrictions of movement in the EPZs. But it is also thanks to the increasingly wide choice for motorists, while all manufacturers are getting into it. But some aspects still hold back potential buyers, such as the price and the autonomy. And this even if it is getting better and better in both cases, thanks to the progress of brands in these areas.

A wonder movie

Today, many cars can travel more than 400 kilometers in a single charge, which greatly reassures drivers. But for some, this is still not enough, while many fear not finding a charging station to fill their car battery. But now a group of German researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute had an idea: to design a bodywork film with astonishing properties. The goal ? Increase the range of electric cars. But how ? In fact, the explanation is unusual but very simple: this coating is made up of photovoltaic cells.

small solar panels

In concrete terms, this film to stick on cars allows them to transform into a giant solar panel. The sheet is made of aluminum, which allows you to choose the color you want in order to adapt it to the car, even if it is black as in the test carried out by the scientists. According to calculations, this system would make it possible to gain up to 4,000 kilometers of autonomy per year by covering the roof as well as the bonnet. The latter can also be useful for thermal cars, to supply the battery for accessories.

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