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Converted van: more and more manufacturers are getting into it!

Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault, Ford and now Citroën: car manufacturers are seriously riding the “Van life”, which has been booming in recent years…

The health crisis and the resulting traffic restrictions have caused a real rush on converted vans. These vehicles are less bulky than a traditional mobile home, but equipped with everything you need for a few days of camping. These now represent around 90,000 sales per year in Europe. Either more than half of recreational vehicle sales ! And from then on, they arouse the interest of a growing number of manufacturers wishing to take their share of this promising pie. So, the Volkswagen California and the Mercedes Marco Polo have long been the only vans officially sold by car manufacturers. The others being transformations entrusted to independent service providers.

But since then, things have changed… Ford has added the Transit Nugget to its offering, and has just unveiled the all-new generation in Düsseldorf. Renault also got into it a few months ago, with the Trafic Spacenomad. And the California also gets a facelift.

Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault and Citroën!

More surprisingly, it is now Citroën’s turn to make its offer, with the touch of originality that characterizes the French brand. As early as 2017, Citroën offered a concept van based on its SpaceTourer produced in collaboration with the Rip Curl brand. Despite the enthusiasm generated during its numerous releases and its appearance close to the series, it remained a dead letter. But at the Caravan Salon, Citroën presented the Type Holidays which this time officially announces “the strengthening of Citroën in the converted camper van segment”.

The final offer will be known before the end of this year, but the concept exhibited in Düsseldorf is enough to stir the nostalgic fiber of Citroënists. It is based on the Caselani Type HG, itself derived from the Citroën Spacetourer on which are applied body panels reminiscent of the appearance of the famous van. It of course adds all the essentials of the segment: a lifting roof allowing you to stand and shelter a double bed for the night, the essential kitchenette, swivel front seats for greater user-friendliness, table amovible and an autonomous stationary heating system.

Volkswagen remains the big leader

The French model will have a lot to do to prevail against Volkswagen, which is well-versed in the exercise, and which has already sold more than 260,000 Californias since 1988. The new generation, still officially at the concept stage, is based on the Multivan T7 and pushes the limits of practicality and intelligent solutions that have made its reputation even further. It is now equipped with two sliding side doors for even more communion with the outside, with the possibility of opting for two awnings or even a mobile digital tablet to control the vehicle’s functions, or watch films and series. Marketing cannot take long the concept also seems ready for a move to the big series.

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