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Recycling of electric car batteries is accelerating

At Renault, at Jaguar, at Vektor and Mecaware, initiatives to recycle or reuse energy from used batteries are accelerating, driven by the France 2030 plan.

The JLR group, formerly Jaguar-Land Rover, has entered into a partnership with Wykes Engineering Ltd, leader in the renewable energy sector, with a view to creating one of the largest energy storage systems in the UK. A single storage system uses 30 second life Jaguar I-Pace batteries and is able to store up to 2.5 MWh of energy at full capacity. This amount of energy can supply around 250 homes per day. The batteries supplied come from prototypes and technical test vehicles. Having been used a lot, they no longer have enough capacity (less than 70% of the original capacity) to meet the requirements of an electric car.

Supplying homes with electricity

By the end of 2023, JLR aims to provide enough to store 7.5 MWh of energy in total, enough to power 750 homes for a day. Subsequently, other containers can be created to house second-life batteries removed from used production vehicles. Each storage system is capable of supplying energy directly to the national grid during peak hours, but also to extract it from the network during off-peak hours to store it for later use. Battery storage systems like this are essential to the decarbonization of the networkas they can cope with peaks in demand while maximizing the capture of solar and wind energy on sunny or windy days for use when needed.

Battery recycling accelerates

JLR is of course not the first automobile group to use such a process. Renault, among others, recycles the batteries of its used electric cars to make similar storage systems or to transform them into transportable electric generators on construction sites, for example… While the Government is accelerating to provide France with its own lithium battery factories, the France 2030 plan also provides for the creation of recycling units. Therefore two pilot sites which will emerge from the ground soon: one between Veolia and Solvay near Metzthe other by Mecaware near Grenoble

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