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Smart: the Pilot Assist 2.0 system planned for the end of 2023

Smart has announced that its Pilot Assist 2.0 driver assistance system will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2023: a model with 12 cameras will be unveiled on this occasion.

While the Smart #3 is currently enjoying its first European walkabout at the Munich Motor Show, the Sino-German manufacturer is announcing the arrival of a new driving assistance system, called Pilot Assist 2.0for the fourth quarter of 2023.

“Since the birth of the brand, Smart has always been guided by the vision of exploring the best solutions for the urban mobility of the future. We believe that smarter ADAS technology will further improve the competitiveness of the new generation of all-electric Smart product family. By leveraging R&D capability and collaboration with industry-leading partners, such as Mobileye, Smart will continue to elevate the brand’s technology label, delivering a smarter and safer urban mobility experience to users. »said Mr. Yang Jun, Global Vice President of R&D at Smart Automobile.

Smart Pilot Assist: an annual update

This new version 2.0 of the Pilot Assist system will include the Navigation Smart Pilot (NSP), which will make it possible to benefit from step-by-step automatic navigation on motorways and major urban roads. The vehicle will then be able to overtake automatically, change lanes according to road traffic conditions, or even automatically enter or exit motorway slip roads, without forgetting to provide driving assistance in the event of traffic jams, among many other functions of autonomous driving.

The system will also be compatible with remote software updates (OTA), which will bring users the latest and more advanced intelligent driving assistance functions in a simple way, which combines intelligence and safety.

By the end of 2024, the system will continue to progress with the arrival of the version Smart Pilot Assist 3.0which will be enriched by navigation NSP Pro, even more accomplished. Smart’s goal is to launch a new version of its driver assistance system every year, and to become the leader in ADAS technologies.

A special edition as a technological demonstrator

On this occasion, Smart will unveil by the end of 2023 a technology demonstrator which will take the form of a special edition of a model in its range. It will be equipped with 12 cameras in total, and will rely on Smart’s Mobileye SuperVision system, which uses 11 cameras and a driver attention monitoring camera, providing both smart driving and safety features.

The “brain” of the Smart Pilot Assist, the Mobileye SuperVision system is presented as one of the most advanced driver assistance systems in the world: it is based on two Mobileye EyeQ5 chips, an advanced ADAS chip of 7 nanometers, and leverages Mobileye’s 20+ years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Smart aims to provide its customers with an advanced smart mobility experience, and will continue to work with technology partners to integrate other ADAS systems into its vehicles.

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