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Tractors: they organize a tractor cross race

A circuit in the department of Mayenne will soon host a tractor race. It is even the national tractor cross final.

When it comes to thinking about tractors, the image of car racing rarely comes to mind. These large machines do not adapt well to peak speeds and are not the most aerodynamic vehicles on the market. However, some enthusiasts or curious people have visibly detected potential in tractors to make them participate in competitions.

These are not competitions of elegance dedicated to tractors, but speed races. Several of these sporting events are occasionally organized throughout France. And the final will soon take place, on September 10, on the Véloché site, in Bré (in Mayenne). The race in question is more precisely a tractor cross event.

A resumption of tractor races after several years of cessation

It is the association Team Tracto Cross Diablinte (TCD) of Jublains which is at the origin of this cross tract course. As reported West France, this tractor sporting event was relaunched shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic, years after being abandoned. In the meantime, it was necessary to bring the Véloché site circuit up to standard.

“Before heading back to full speed on the Breen circuit, we had to improve the safety of the circuit, recommended by the national tractor cross federation (NTC). He was brought back into shape. The route was redesigned and the spectator stands remodeled. Everything has been done for the comfort of all”explained the president of l’association Team Tracto Cross DiablinteSamuel Bouvier.

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A final which will be held on September 10

This year, tractor enthusiasts were once again able to participate in tractor cross races. The event organized on September 10 on the Bré circuit is neither more nor less than the national final of this discipline. It will start in the morning at 8 a.m. The competition will first begin with free practice during which the 25 tractors registrants will be able to try the track.

THE phases de qualification and two rounds of the final will then be organized at the end of the morning. In the afternoon, six more rounds will take place. “(…) the last race will start around 5:30 p.m.”, specified one of the representatives of the Team Tracto Cross Diablinte association. Visitors will also be admitted. As for the price of an entry, it is set at eight euros by reservation and ten euros on the spot.

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