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New Volkswagen Passat SW: aboard the new German station wagon

An essential model in the Volkswagen range, the Passat will be completely renewed with a ninth opus, which will only be offered as an SW station wagon. car plus has already been able to discover it in detail.


In fifty years of career and more than 30 million units sold, the Passat has become a must-have for the German manufacturer. It is also its best-selling model worldwide after the Golf (and ahead of the Beetle). But the current opus, which appeared in 2014 and was restyled in 2019, is starting to seriously stick out its tongue. In addition to its “great age” (9 years in a car is a long time), the advent of crossovers seems to have definitively diverted family customers from classic sedans and, to a lesser extent, station wagons. As a result, the brand decided to only renew the station wagon. Diehard sedan fans (there are quite few left in Europe) will have to convert to all-electric and wait for the ID. 7 (see opposite).

Launch: February 2024

Length (in m): 4.92

Petrol engines: 150, 204 and 265 hp

Diesel engines: 122, 150 and 193 hp

Plug-in hybrids: 204 and 272 hp

Prices: from €45,000 *

* Estimation car plus.

The first Volkswagen based on the MQB Evo platform (that of the next Tiguan), this Passat SW is getting longer. Its wheelbase stretches by 6 cm and, ultimately, it goes from 4.78 to 4.92 m long. More than ever, the German continues to be among the tallest in her category, with most of her rivals remaining under 4.80 m. In terms of style, if the slender profile – highlighted by an edge that runs from the front wing to the rear light – is retained, the designers have not been idle. At the front, we discover a more aggressive face with, in the lower part, a gaping shield and, above, a refined grille surrounded by new optical units. At the rear, the stern adopts a more inclined window and a trunk flap crossed by a light strip occupying the entire width. The idea was to instill a bit of the design of the IDs (the 100% electric Volkswagens) into the thermal range. A choice dictated by the former management, since dismissed due to the rather mixed success of the first ID models.

A real technological leap

On board, the Passat pulls out all the stops and seriously gets up to date. The car sports a 10.25”/26 cm digital meter block and, above all, has an impressive central panel of 15”/38.1 cm (12.9”/32.8 cm on the versions of entry level). We also love the light elements placed on the dashboard (in front of the passenger) and the door panels, the color of which you can change to suit your mood. Volkswagen has also paid particular attention to ergonomics, with a new interface intended to be more intuitive and, above all, the return of classic buttons in place of the impractical touch controls which, since the last Golf, nevertheless seemed to become widespread among the constructor. Finally, we appreciate the careful finish and the ever more opulent presentation which make this Passat a worthy rival to take on the premiums in the category. And what about habitability? Already one of the major assets of the previous generation, it makes further progress, both for passengers (as well treated as in a limousine) and for luggage with a hold which has gained 40 dm3. Under the hood, we will find three TDI diesels (122, 150 and 193 hp), as well as two TSI gasolines of 204 and 265 hp, all associated with the automatic gearbox. DSG7, and even 4Motion all-wheel drive for the most powerful TDI and TSI. At entry level, the Passat SW receives a 1.5 e-TSI micro-hybrid 48 V with 150 hp. Finally, the Volkswagen will continue to be offered as a plug-in hybrid with two new eHybrid engines of 204 and 272 hp. Assemblies now made up of a 1.5 TSI thermal unit (it’s a 1.4 on the current Passat) and a larger 19.7 kWh battery (10.6 kWh currently), which should allow it to travel almost 100 km all-electric.

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A new ID for the Passat

In the absence of a new Passat sedan, customers will be able to fall back on the future ID. 7. This large family car, 4.96 m long, with a style dictated by aerodynamics, should arrive in Europe by the end of the year. Benefiting from an interior that VW promises to be high-tech and very spacious, this 100% electric model claims a range of up to 700 km, and will be available first in propulsion, with a brand new 286 hp unit, associated with a 77 kWh battery.


New record for the Cayenne

The third generation of the Porsche SUV, launched in 2017 and restyled last spring, is now available in Turbo E-Hybrid. With a 599 hp twin-turbo V8 and a 176 hp electric unit, this plug-in hybrid displays 739 hp of maximum combined power, becoming the most powerful Cayenne ever offered. Thanks to its 25.9 kWh battery, it promises 82 km in 100% electric mode.

From €179,569 (€183,049 for the coupe).

A clean sweep at Citroën

All of the manufacturer’s models are now only available in three finishing levels (compared to five until now): You, Plus and Max.

Each offering a maximum of five option packs. The simplification of the range will have no impact on the special series, which will continue to be marketed.

The return of the Civic

Temporarily removed from the price list last year due to difficulties in supplying spare parts and other semiconductors, the “large compact” from Honda, launched in the summer of 2022, returns.

But clearly, the new suppliers have had a heavy hand on prices: the entry ticket, now set at €39,220, has increased by… €6,820.



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