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This footballer buys the most expensive car in the world!

Estimated at 26 million euros, there are only three cars of this type in the entire world. Check out this Rolls-Royce.

Having passed through PSG and Italy, this Argentine player has apparently acquired a taste for luxury and beautiful cars. So much so that he just bought himself a unique Rolls-Royce for the modest sum of 26 million euros. While he now plays in Galatasaray, Mauro Icardi will be able to enjoy his racing car to discover Istanbul and its wonders.

An inaccessible car, or almost

If you want to get a Boat Tail, know that there are only three in the world and they are not for sale. But that of Mauro Icardi was estimated at 26 million euros. It is therefore the most expensive new car in the world. Designed on the basis of a Phantom, you should know that 1813 pieces were manufactured for this model, in order to be able to design it.

THE three customers of this exclusive car are a rich man from the pearl industry, the couple Jay-Z – Beyonce (according to rumors) and Mauro Icardi.

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Hand assembled for 4 years

This Boat Tail features woven threads and a Spirit of Ecstasy en or rose. It takes no less than four years to assemble all the parts of this exceptional car. As far as the engine is concerned, it isa 6.7-liter V12 with 600 horsepower. In the trunk, we find silver cutlery and porcelain plates signed Christofle, in the same color as the car. It’s the ideal car for going with the family in summer and eating by the side of the road.

The vehicle also includes a telescopic table and parasol, so you can have a picnic. This four-seater convertible has two refrigerators, especially for bottles of champagne. The car is 5.76 m long. With this Rolls-Royce, Mauro Icardi got his hands on the most expensive car in the world. This will complete its large collection of cars, each more impressive than the last. There is no doubt that this little gem will have a special place in his garage. And you, how do you find it?

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