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This incredible Canadian collection contains over 200 cars

An impressive collection has just been put up for sale. It is made up of more than 200 cars, some of which are extremely rare.

A vast private collection was put on sale by Prairie Auctions. It was formed by André Moizard, a Frenchman who emigrated to Canada several years ago to take care of a family farm near Alberta. For a long time, he amassed a number of vehicles, taking advantage of the large space on his property.

Before arriving in Canada, André Moizard was already a car collector. He brought this passion with him, so much so that he ended up being the owner of more than 230 vehicles, as the media specifies Silodrome. All of these cars were acquired in Canada or the United States. It was only with the recent death of this collector that his family discovered the extent to which his car collection was big.

A surprising collection of several hundred cars

The collection assembled by André Moizard over the years is impressive in its size. In addition to around 230 cars, there are also several motorcycles and vehicles of other types. As soon as this collector settled in Canada around the age of 23, he began to amass all kinds of North American carsand some European ones.

The reasons behind his purchases are as diverse as his vehicles. For example, he bought a Citroën Traction Avant 15/6 from 1954 because he had a photo of himself in his mother’s arms in front of a Traction. He had also purchased a Ladybugsince his daughter loved the film A love of Ladybug. He acquired a Pontiac Parisienne, because his wife was originally from Paris. Sometimes he bought cars to help a friend in need.

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Many unusual vehicles

But what animated André Moizart above all was his passion for cars. It was not for nothing that he was the owner of several hundred cars. He even traveled all over North America to collect them. He often went to Seattle, or he traveled across Canada to find the vehicles he was looking for.

Among the most interesting models in his collection, we should note around sixty Cadillacs and Jeeps (Willys, Jeep J20s, Comanches, Jeep Cherokees). He also loved French cars, especially Citroën 2CVa Citroën utility vehicle or even two Front Wheel Drive 15/6. He even managed to find a rare Renault 4L Plein Air. Several of the vehicles in this unusual collection are limited editions. For example, he had found fire trucks, limousines, and a Gucci Cadillac.

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