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We found the world’s least discreet car thieves!

After stealing a car from a garage, the thieves slammed into the gate on their reverse gear as they fled.

make yourself steal your car, parked in his garage, is always shocking for the person who is the victim. But when the facts are filmed and you understand what type of thieves operated in your home, you may understand their behavior even less. In their operation, the criminals seizeda vehicle already in poor condition and destroyed it even more by crashing into the gate and fence. The impact made serious damage

Thieves not very good drivers

In the video, published on Reddit, we can quickly see that the thief’s driving skills aren’t really up to par. As it reverses, it carries everything in its path. Difficult to explain the reasons for this error, but the speed of execution was perhaps too high… Despite the accident, this did not seem to distract him from his objective, and he seized the car, in front of him. ofa passerby, who almost stayed there in passing… Was he an accomplice? In any case, he doesn’t really seem surprised by the situation.

Hopefully the victim will be able to get their insurance to work to recover the value of their car. The video of the theft will in any case allow him to have proof of the break-in.

Here is the scene on video, so you can form your own idea:

(OC) My car got stolen by absolute morons.
byu/Infinite-Nobody-8505 inIdiotsInCars

The video is going viral

Widely relayed, the images made Internet users react, who have difficulty understanding the actions of the thief: “How is it possible to destroy the front part of the car while they are going in reverse? » or “Given the state of your car, they gave you a gift by stealing it! You can make the insurance work now! » or “If you decide to steal a car, you need to learn to drive first!” “.

The victim of the theft gave news to users of the Reddit platform. She confirmed the theft of her car, which was being repaired at the time of the events…

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