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Collection registration card: what advantages does it offer?

Reserved for vehicles over 30 years old, the collection registration card differs in many points from the classic registration certificate. Here are the benefits it offers.

In France, the collection gray card is a specific registration certificate, intended as its name suggests, for old vehicles. To be eligible, the model in question must be more than 30 years old, no longer in production, and not have been modified. It offers several advantages, of which here are the main ones.

Exemption from the Crit’Air sticker

Collectible vehicles are exempt from traffic restrictions linked to the Crit’Air sticker. Which means that they can circulate freely, even in the event of a pollution peak.

Lower registration fees

They often benefit from reduced vehicle registration fees compared to modern vehicles. The cost of the registration document is calculated according to the fiscal power of the vehicle, but collector’s vehicles may be subject to more advantageous special pricing.

Light technical inspection

Collectible vehicles are subject to less frequent technical inspection and less strict than ordinary vehicles: 5 years instead of 2. Old vehicles registered before 1960 are even completely exempt from technical inspection.

Assurance plus accessible

Some insurance companies offer preferential rates for collector vehiclesbecause they are used most of the time on a more occasional basis, and are generally better maintained.

Free registration

Owners of a vehicle classified as a collection are free to choose the format for its registration : square, rectangular or even curved. The registration document also allows you to adopt a plate displaying white characters on a black backgroundlike the period registrations.

No scrapping

A vehicle traveling with a classic registration document must necessarily be destroyed as soon as it is declared, after a serious accident, as an economically irreparable vehicle (VEI). This is not the case for classic cars, regardless of the extent of the damage.

The collection registration document therefore presents many advantages compared to the classic registration certificate. All is not all rosy though. A vehicle classified as such cannot be used for professional or lucrative purposes, for example. In case of vice cache during the purchase, it will also be impossible to turn against the seller, such a registration document cannot attest to the indisputable reliability of the vehicle.

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