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Fiat abandons gray and launches new colors

The Italian manufacturer Fiat has announced the removal of gray from its color palette, and is launching new shades inspired by “the Italian sun and sky”.

At the start of this summer 2023, on the occasion of the presentation of the new Fiat 600, the Italian manufacturer announced its desire to remove gray body colors from its catalog, to favor colors inspired by “the Italian sea, sun, earth and sky”

On this occasion, the boss of Fiat, Olivier François, boarded a new gray Fiat 600, which was immersed in a bath of orange paint. With the disappearance of shades of gray, the Turin brand is now launching new body colorswhich will be available from October 2023.

Fiat 500: two new colors in the catalog

This new offer will begin on the Fiat 500 electricwith the arrival of two new shades in the catalogue: inspired by the Italian sun, the “Pastel Yellow” will bring more fun to the look of the new 500, by embodying “the creative energy that brings life and light” according to the terms of the Italian manufacturer. The 100% electric Italian city car will not go unnoticed on city streets, where cars in duller colors are the norm.

The second new color which will join the catalog of the Fiat 500 is called “Iridescent Light Blue”, a more sophisticated and elegant shade, which is inspired by Italian skies and will reinforce the high-end positioning of the model. This painting will benefit from a painting process to reinforce the transparency and lightness of the colors, with an iridescent effect which will vary depending on the point of view and the light conditions.

According to Fiat, this effect is made possible thanks to the physical phenomena of reflection, refraction and interference of light waves, which offer the perception of different colors, like the sky reflecting on the sea.

Fiat: 30 different color shades

The two new body colors “Pastel Yellow” and “Iridescent Light Blue” will be marketed from the month ofOctober 2023. Currently, the New Fiat 500 is offered in Rose Gold, Red, Black “Onyx Black” and White “Ice White”.

This trend will continue across the entire Fiat range in Europe: to date, there are no less than 30 color shades different, including the white “Gelato White”, the Sicilia Orange, the Paprika Orange, the red “Pasodoble Red”, the blues “Epic Blue”, “Italia Blue”, “Venezia Blue”, the greens “Rugiada Green”, “Foresta Green”, Rose Gold, or even the black “Cinema Black”. These colors adopt an evocative name, which is inspired by the sumptuous landscapes of Italy and its incomparable “Dolce Vita”.

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