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We argue a lot in the car according to this recent study

According to a recent survey, the car is a very common place of tension among couples. We’ll explain it to you.

The car is undoubtedly the object of freedom par excellence, allowing you to travel anywhere in France and why not around the world. It offers independence and escape, and allows you to go to work, on vacation or even to go shopping. But the automobile also remains a subject of tension. After all, who has never argued with their partner or friends while driving? Truth be told, this has undoubtedly happened to everyone at least once. And there is absolutely nothing abnormal, quite the contrary. Because it is proven that the car is a real place of tensionespecially for couples.

Many arguments

In any case, this is what a study carried out by Auto Trader reveals about couples arguing in the car. And the least we can say is that the figures speak for themselves. 25-35 year olds would be those who argue the most in the car, particularly about sharing it. And for good reason, only 19% would have more confidence in their partner to take care of the children than to drive a car. Among them, 31% men and only 12% women. But that’s not all, because the subjects of spats are very numerous.

Various subjects

According to specialists, the car is considered “ a person’s “third space”, after their home and office. It is therefore not surprising that people are very attached to it“. But then, what are the main reasons for arguments in the car? First, leave dirt, followed by highlight driving errors of the person behind the wheel. Then leave the tank almost empty and constantly change the position of the seat. We also find the insufficient cleaning of the car and the music being too loud.

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