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After only 20 years of existence, this manufacturer will very soon become number 1 in the world!

It will not have escaped your notice, the automotive industry is in the midst of a revolution. Governments have decided that the future of the automobile market will necessarily involve electric cars, at least for the moment. In this battle, there is one brand that stands out from all and that is BYD.

It is in times of great upheaval that opportunities are created. If car manufacturers are all moving towards electric, at different speeds, there is one manufacturer which is in the process of impose oneself on the global market of the electric car. We are of course talking about BYD.

BYD at the center of the game

If BYD is still little known in France, this should change in the months and years to come. Why will you tell me? Well, know that the brand beats sales records in the world. With a reduced model offering, the BYD brand offers unbeatable prices on these electric models. The brand is positioned well below prices of European brands.

This is how in the first half of 2023, BYD announces sales figures impressive. According to the China Federation of Personal Car Manufacturers (CPCA), in China in July, BYD sold it 262 000 electric vehicles versus “only” 64 000 pour son principal concurrent, Tesla. Some of the brand’s models like the Atto 3 WORLD are establishing themselves in various European markets such as Sweden. It’s very simple, he climbed at the top of sales of electric cars in the country in just a few months.

A dynamic that is not about to stop! BYD has just entered the top 10 of the ranking of the manufacturers who produce the most vehicles. It is even the first manufacturer to have passed the bar of 5 million electric vehicles produced. The Chinese manufacturer is already overtaking iconic manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Not bad for a brand that only has 20 ans d’existence.

The hidden side of BYD

If we know BYD more and more for its vehicles, we do not suspect that this brand is in reality one of the world battery leaders intended for electric vehicles. The company is in possession of mine de lithium and produces its own batteries. It is all these hats which allow BYD to see its profits explode 400% in 2022 and of 200% in 2023according to The world.

BYD’s factory and partnership projects continue to expand grow. The brand recently signed a partnership with Mercedes-Benz. In fact, the German manufacturer will integrate batteries BYD in these future entry-level models to make lower your prices.

You will have understood, BYD is becoming one of the world leaders in the field of electric cars. Surprising when we know that the brand only has 20 ans. Tesla is the only manufacturer still overshadowing BYD. However, with the ever-increasing development of the electric car and in view of the evolution of the Chinese manufacturer, it could become, in the not-so-distant future, theen°1 worldwide.

To be continued!

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