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The Italian police are equipping themselves with a 1020 horsepower Tesla!

A new model from Elon Musk’s brand will soon complete the Italian police fleet.

It’s a Tesla Model X very special that we are presenting to you today, and it is the Italian police who will soon benefit from it. There State Police should in fact be equipped with a Plaid version of the famous vehicle from Elon Musk’s brand. With 1020 horsepower under the hoodit will present true supercar performance.

The most powerful car of the Italian police

The first images of this American electric SUV have created a buzz on social networks. Internet users expressed their reaction and their enthusiasm in front of this car made available to the transalpine law enforcement agencies. You should know that this car will be the fastest and the most powerful in the history of the Italian police.

However, we can see that the car is missing the license plate and sirens so that it can be functional. These final adjustments will be made in the coming months, before this exceptional vehicle is put into service.

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Autonomous driving made available?

Like an average police car, this Tesla Model It remains to be defined what the system integrated into the car will be, but everything suggests that it will be one of the most advanced in the world.

Autopilot, the American brand’s autonomous driving system, will be closely monitored, but it is obviously unthinkable to see this vehicle driving alone during interventions.

More than five meters long, the Model This latest version can go 0 to 100 km/h in 2.6 secondsyou know maximum speed is 262 km. Son range in mixed cycle is 543 km and it is possible to recharge up to 250 kW in direct current. For fill upsimply 20 minutes environ. Impressive, isn’t it?

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