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Which French cities are the most expensive to park?

Parking in French cities is becoming more and more expensive, and Paris still holds the prize in 2022 with an average amount of 5 euros per hour.

Every year, Zenpark publishes its barometer on the cost of hourly parking in France, offering an overview of the most expensive cities to park, while monitoring price developments. In addition, this report also allows you to take a look at the revenue generated by the Post Parking Package (FPS).

The year 2022 was marked by record inflation in France, with an increase in consumer prices of 5.2% on average, according to INSEE. In this tense economic context, on-street parking has also evolved, notably with the taxation of vehicles based on their weight, a reality in Lyon and a prospect in Paris, as well as their type of engine, electric vehicles benefiting from preferential rates. Thermal motorcycles also saw the end of their free parking in Paris last September.

Paris still at the top of the ranking

This policy, focused on limiting parking in city centers, adopted by many metropolises, stems from a desire to reduce car traffic while promoting the use of soft mobility. As a result, hourly rates increase significantly.

Without surprise, Paris takes first place in the ranking of the most expensive cities for parking, with an average price of 5 euros for an hour. This price remains unchanged, unlike that of Rennes, which increased from 1.55 euros in 2022 to an average of 2.50 euros in 2023.

Rennes thus ranks third, behind Grenoble, which also has an average cost of 2.50 euros for an hour of parking. Bordeaux occupies fourth place, with an average charge of 2.15 euros, while Strasbourg closes the top five, with an average cost of 2 euros for an hour of parking.

The Top 10 most expensive cities to park

  1. Paris, with an average price of 5 euros
  2. Grenoble, with an average fare of 2.50 euros
  3. Rennes, with an average price of 2.50 euros
  4. Bordeaux, with an average price of 2.15 euros
  5. Strasbourg, with an average price of 2 euros
  6. Nantes, with an average price of 1.90 euros
  7. Lille, with an average fare of 1.70 euros
  8. Lyon, with an average fare of 1.60 euros
  9. Montpellier, with an average price of 1.60 euros
  10. Marseille, with an average fare of 1.50 euros

The amount of FPS has exploded

Beyond hourly rates, paid parking has been decentralized in France since 1is January 2018, replacing the single fine of 17 euros with the Post Parking Package (FPS). Each community can now define its own pricing policy, and some have made a real business out of it.

Paris, by using Moovia’s control services, generated enormous revenues, reaching 158.7 million euros, far ahead of Marseille (nearly 7 million euros) and Montpellier (around 5.5 million euros). ‘euros).

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