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Opportunity: soon in-depth checks for electric car batteries?

In Germany, two organizations will implement stricter controls on used electric car batteries.

Buy a used car, this is not always a very easy thing. Indeed, we must already find the right model, which corresponds to all our needs. But that’s not all, because you also need to find a car at a reasonable price. However, this is quite a difficult task at the moment, when prices have soared due to high demand. The latter is, as a reminder, linked to the increase in delivery delay for new cars, even if the situation is slowly starting to improve. Whatever the case, buying a second-hand car is not always simple or reassuring.

More in-depth controls

We are always a little afraid of being scammed in different ways. And this is even more true with electric cars, since some sellers lie about the real state of the battery and the maximum remaining capacity. Especially since these vehicles tend to depreciate very quickly. But the German organizations ADAC and TÜV will put in place stricter controls for used cars in the coming months. This currently takes the form of a battery condition test, forindividuals as well as professionals.

Even further

TÜV wants to go even further. For the sum of 149 euros, the latter carries out tests in real conditions, a bit like WLTP approval for example. For 1.5 to 2 hours, the car is tested and recharged at a terminal so that a precise report is then established. When in France? Well this already exists, since Dekra offers a similar service in real conditions, which is obviously much more reliable.

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