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Panoramic test: The Peugeot e-308 54 kWh Allure with 156 hp

The price of the electric 308 was so heavily criticized when it was launched last May that Peugeot has just lowered it. Is the Lioness becoming more competitive as a result? Nothing is less sure…


DUnveiled in September 2022, the electric 308 only began marketing last May. Priced at €40,720 (€5,000 bonus deducted) for the Allure finish and €48,220 for the GT, not eligible for the bonus. Prices much higher than those of the Renault Megane E-Tech, Volkswagen ID.3, Cupra Born, MG4 and even Tesla Model 3 (larger and more powerful). However, these all use large batteries (from 61 to 82 kWh gross capacity), powering motors of more than 200 hp. The e-308, for its part, is satisfied with a modest baggage of 54 kWh and 156 hp. Uneasiness in the assembly and bursts of criticism in the specialized press! Aware of having caught its feet in the extension, Peugeot has just lowered the prices by €1,820. Bonus deducted, the Allure thus appears at €38,900, while the GT drops to €41,400, the €5,000 bonus now being granted to it. Good prince, the manufacturer also offers a small discount of 3%, which gives us the entry level at €37,600. This is not a good deal though! The Tesla Model 3 Standard (293 hp) and the Megane E-Tech EV60 Super Charge (220 hp), to name only the best-sellers, cost just under €37,000…

The real price: Peugeot offers 3% discount. Added to this is a €5,000 bonus (the bill, options included, must not exceed €47,000).

The interview: recommended every 2 years or every 25,000 km.

The equipment: two finishes on the menu, Allure or GT. The first already benefits from adaptive cruise control as well as heated seats and steering wheel. No parking assistance at the front, no hands-free key, however. Certain options are, moreover, inaccessible to him…

The e-308 lets go

pricing is all the more delicate since the e-308 is satisfied with AC chargers(1) 11 kW and DC(2) of 100 kW. This is not much, knowing that its rivals offer up to 22 kW alternating current and 130, even 170 kW, direct current. Fortunately, this does not prevent it from recharging promptly on the appropriate terminal, compensation for the modest capacity of its battery. No real route planner, unfortunately, to optimize refueling breaks, the GPS simply indicating the terminals available along the road. Be wary therefore, knowing that the autonomy is not amazing: 330 km on average (280 km on the motorway), according to our measurements, due to lack of sufficient storage capacity. Infuriating, because with an average consumption of 15.5 kWh/100 km, the e-308 is one of the most efficient in its segment. However, its comrades all offer a greater range, between 340 km (MG4) and 395 km (Tesla Model 3).

1557 80346 k4 k1 198255





By grade

Security : – ABS + AFU + ESP – Airbags (6) – Lane departure warning – Codes/auto headlights. – Automatic emergency braking. – Reading signs – LED headlights and automatic windshield wipers. – Adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function.

Approval : – Rear parking assistance + cam. reversing – Auto air conditioning. dual zone – 18” aluminum rims – Connected GPS – Mirror Screen – Heated seats and steering wheel. – Dark-tinted rear windows.


Security : – 360° Vision Pack + semi-autonomous driving (€1,000)

Approval : – Hands-free access/start + induction charger (€350) – Metallic paint (€650) – Heated acoustic windshield (€200) – Special paint (€850).


At the controls, we will not go so far as to judge the e-308 amorphous, the accelerations remaining linear: from 0 to 100 km/h in 9s7, but its powerful friends all go below 8s. Same observation on recovery, knowing that the 156 hp is only obtained in Sport mode. Normal mode at 109 hp and Eco mode at 82 hp! The e-308 makes up for it with its tremendous softness, its considerate damping (less cozy, however, than that of the thermal versions) and its ability to hide air or rolling noise. Furthermore, despite being 350 kg overweight, this sedan still enjoys alert behavior, even if the steering has lost both precision and lightness. For the rest, we find the qualities and faults of all the 308s, namely a modern and rewarding finish contrasting with ergonomics that could be improved and insufficient habitability…

1. Alternating current. 2. Direct current, for fast recharges.


Outside, a bagde and specific rims distinguish the electric 308 from other versions. On board, however, it’s great! The counters are still partly hidden by the steering wheel. The heated seats offer good support, but it is impossible to take advantage of the ergonomic models labeled “AGR”, electric and massaging, in this Allure finish.


In the Allure finish, the e-308 benefits, in addition to the equipment common to the other 308s, from adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function. But for level 2 semi-autonomous driving, including staying in the center of the route, you will have to pay an additional €1,000. No need to dig deep, however, to equip yourself with automatic high beams or a reversing camera. The smallest thing aboard such an expensive car…


The infotainment system is neither fast, nor graphically modern, nor intuitive. You quickly get lost in the menus and programming the shortcuts (i-Toggles) requires patience… And no planning of journeys according to the load.


The interior still makes a good impression, whether it’s its futuristic high-tech design or the general excellent quality of the materials used. Only a few assemblies in the lower part of the dashboard lack a bit of rigor.


This is one of the downsides of the 308 in terms of ergonomics: the air conditioning settings are only accessible using the screen.

Impossible to enjoy the Focal hi-fi system on board the e-308. It does, however, offer a pair of USB sockets on the front and back.

Apart from the average size of the glove box, the 308 is generous in terms of storage. Small pettiness nevertheless: the induction smartphone holder/charger, at the foot of the console, is part of a pack with the hands-free key for €350.


The multimedia system has been adapted to “green” mobility, with an “Energy” menu specific to this electric version.


Impossible to modulate the power of the regenerative brake (with paddles on the steering wheel, for example), even in mode B.


This electric 308 is very pleasant to drive.

But all its competitors offer more power, autonomy, charging capacity and space on board, for an often lower price.


Driving approval

Comfort and silence



Small capacity battery



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