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Peugeot: what new features are expected in 2024?

Peugeot has not skimped on new products in 2023. Next year, the Lion will update several of its models, and will launch two new ones!

At Peugeot, this year 2023 was marked by novelty. From simple restylings to the launch of new models, the Lion has not been idle. There have been the successful restyling of the 508 sedan, which is still resisting in a category yet shunned by most general manufacturers. The 2008 crossover and the 208 city car suffered the same fate, aligning with Peugeot’s latest stylistic innovations. Much more recently, the Sochaux manufacturer revealed the brand new generation of its best-seller 3008and he has changed a lot…

Peugeot 3008

Scheduled to be marketed in 2024, it is making quite a revolution. It now adopts a cut profile, much less “compact minivan” type than the current generation, which already dates from 2016. Peugeot has worked (too much?) on the aggressiveness of its lines and its look, far from the fascia wiser than its elder. The great revolution is that he adopts an electric variant called e-3008, which promises a range of 700 km thanks to an accumulator which will be offered later in his career. Thermal and hybrid versions will follow after the marketing of this supercharged variant.

Peugeot 5008

3008/5008, same fight! The elongated big brother of the 3008 will be revealed in early 2024 for marketing a few months after that of the 3008. The aesthetic developments should be similar, with less Fastback profile. It will also be offered in an electric variant, without saying goodbye to thermal and hybrid engines…

Peugeot e-408

The «crossberline» 408halfway between sedan and crossover, will receive a 100% electric variant next year. Like the e-308, it could use the 156 horsepower unit and the 54 kWh battery. At least. A more powerful version with 204 horsepower and a 64 kWh battery could be added to the catalog. What to hope to achieve a range greater than that of its rival Mégane E-Tech, 470 km.

Restyling of utility vehicles

Finally, Peugeot will take advantage of the year 2024 to restyle its three utility vehicles in quick succession: the Rifter/Partner, the Traveller/Expert and finally the Boxer. We know very little about the changes they could bring. An update to the look, equipment and driving aids most likely…

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