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Design match: the new Peugeot E-3008 faces the old 3008!

It is in the heart of its factory and its historic site in Sochaux that Peugeot decided, Tuesday September 12, to present the new and unique E-3008 as a world premiere. If you can’t handle it, we offer you a style match between the new E-3008 and the now old 3008.

Say that the Peugeot 3008 is a commercial success is an understatement. It has sold 1,320,000 copies worldwide. Launched in 2016, it was able to give second souffle to the lion brand, as well as to the Stellantis group.

The break is made

When redesigning one of its bestsellers, the brand was faced with two very distinct choices. First of all, the choice of reason which consists of do not change the recipe which is still a hit today and only brings some slight changes. The other choice, however, is much riskier and that’s what Peugeot did.

In fact, the Lion brand has decided to start from a White paper. The risk here is to lose aficionados of the old 3008 by completely changing the design of the latter.

The SUV Coupe

Peugeot decided to transform its 3008 into SUV coupe. Be careful though, at Peugeot, we prefer to use the term “ fast-back“. A more appropriate term, because the line of this 3008 is characterized by this plunging roofline.

The new 3008 is longer than the old one. He takes nine centimeters, going from 4.45 meters to 4.54 meters in length. As you can see in the animation above, no more chrome and most decorative inserts. We also notice a new rim half full on this new 3008. These are very similar to what we already know on the 408. They will be offered in 19 et 20 inches.

Watch out for claws

As on all the latest Peugeots, we find at the level of the lights of this new E-3008 the three claws emblematic of the lion brand. Unlike the old one, Peugeot has decided to greatly simplify the range of the new model. There will only be two finishes in the catalog, namely the look finish including LED lights and high-end finishing “GT” with LED pixel lights. The grille of the “fast-back” SUV is full and designed around the brand’s logo placed in the center. On the lower part of the front, we find an air vent with the driving assistance sensor, again placed in the center.

In width too, this new 3008 is more imposing than the old one with 1.90 m width compared to 1.84 m previously.

The rear part completely redesigned

Big change also at the rear compared to the old generation. A floating spoiler appears with two small “ears” on each side, also reminiscent of a certain model of the brand. The claw-shaped taillights are now in 3D on the GT version.

You also have a change regarding the position of the model name. The 3008 badge is no longer placed to the left of the trunk, but rather In the center. On the lower part, we find, as on the 408, a prominent rear shield giving an impression of robustness to the vehicle.

Place au panoramic i cockpit

If we see a lot of change in design outside of the vehicle, the same goes for the interior. This new 3008 incorporates the new panoramic i cockpit equipped with a 21-inch screen including the digital counter and the touch screen.

Appeared on the new generation of 308 and later on the 408, i-toggles tactile buttons are also present inside this 3008. Change also for the gearbox control which is no longer located on the central console, but on the dashboard.

The steering wheel, for its part, remains approximately the same size compared to the old model. The buttons on the steering wheel are now tactile. However, to interact with them, the driver will need to apply pressure on them. The big advantage of the steering wheel is thatit hides the panel a little less facing the driver unlike the old generation.

Let’s now wait to see the final version of the hybrid versions of this new 3008 to see if Peugeot still has some surprises in store for us in terms of design. From now on, let’s be patient before we can try for you this new E-3008.

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