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How Stellantis reinvented car purchasing thanks to its Stellantis& service

Resell, test drive, buy and maintain your vehicle from your smartphone, this is the promise of the Stellantis& service. A completely new and 100% digital vision of a car dealership in 2023, so that the customer is supported from the start to the end of the vehicle’s life.

A real response via a virtual approach

Stellantis & You, the platform of the Stellantis automotive group, addresses the digital transition in an innovative way. By adopting a human-centered approach, Stellantis & You offers a 360-degree digital experience by offering a diverse range of innovative products and services (like trial and delivery). The objective of this platform is clear: to become a key player in the automotive industry while resolutely committing to sustainable development.

By creating Stellantis &YOU, the company wanted to respond to the changing needs of its customers while adapting to a constantly changing sector. Indeed, the automotive market is undergoing a profound transformation, with a significant increase in online vehicle purchases. It is easier for the customer to carry out their research online rather than going to a dealership. The approach is now virtual.

Faced with this market evolution, Stellantis showed great creativity by launching Stellantis &YOU, a platform entirely focused on customer satisfaction. By taking the initiative, Stellantis intends to become the leader in the digital market.

Many cars are available on Stellantis & You, and the search can be refined.

credit photo : Stellantis & You

To do this, the platform offers a series of services aimed at encouraging its customers to use its e-commerce site. Among these services, we find the possibility of reserving a vehicle online and purchasing exclusive used vehicles available only on the web.

To reassure customers hesitant to buy a vehicle online, Stellantis &YOU offers a convincing solution: a trial period of one month (or 1,000 km) for the vehicles they plan to acquire. No more excuses not to go digital!

A 360° proposition so that the customer is always supported

Stellantis &YOU’s goal is to become a digital “one-stop shop,” offering a comprehensive solution to meet all of its customers’ needs. In addition to automobile sales, rental and maintenance, the platform allows users to have their vehicle serviced by technicians approved by the brand of their car. A post-service vehicle collection and delivery service is also available, simplifying the entire process for customers. By centralizing all stages of the customer journey in one place, Stellantis intends to strengthen customer loyalty while effectively controlling its costs and prices.

credit photo : Stellantis &You

Stellantis’ great ambitions for Stellantis&

What are the objectives of the platform? The platform’s objectives are ambitious. Stellantis &YOU aims to capture 25% of its customer base through e-commerce by 2025, which would be a first in the automotive industry. To reach this goal, Stellantis &YOU relies on its online reputation and positive customer feedback. The company also aims to increase the profitability of its distribution network by 50% while optimizing its physical presence.

The company invests in sustainable development In addition to its market conquest objectives, Stellantis places sustainable development at the heart of its strategy, whether in terms of its vehicle fleet or its facilities. The company is resolutely committed to the energy transition, aiming for carbon neutrality of its sites by 2030. To meet the growing demand for clean vehicles, Stellantis offers a diversified range of low-emission cars, suitable for all. budgets. The company has also assembled a team of technicians specializing in electric vehicle maintenance to manage its new fleet. In addition, Stellantis has planned a recycling process for low-emission vehicle batteries in its e-repair centers.

credit photo : Stellantis @ You

The ambitious digital platform Stellantis &YOU stands out for its human-centered approach and its commitment to revolutionizing the automotive industry. With a 360-degree digital experience and an extensive range of innovative products and services, Stellantis & YOU aspires to become a key player in the sector, while placing sustainable development at the heart of its mission. By centralizing all customer needs in a one-stop automotive shop, Stellantis &YOU positions itself as a trusted partner for consumers. Discover this revolutionary platform and dive into the future of car purchasing by clicking here. Stellantis &YOU supports you in this new digital and sustainable era.

With Stellantis&, customers experience car purchasing like any online shopping experience, but on a much higher level. Always with this virtual link which accompanies and guides them, from the reflection phase with the possibility of trying the vehicle, to the purchase with different payment methods, then maintenance and finally resale if they wish. Great ambitions for all of the group’s brands.

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