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Putting a ‘for sale’ sign on your car could cost you!

This very common technique to indicate the sale of a used car is in reality illegal and punishable.

We’ve all seen it before a car on the side of the roadwith a large ‘for sale’ sign, indicating the price, the number of kilometers on the odometer and the seller’s telephone number on the window. Be aware that by doing this, the vehicle owner is in illegal situation. Indeed, when you want to put your vehicle on the second-hand market, you must have authorization, otherwise you will be give a fine.

Prohibited signs on your car

Even though it is very common to see posters like this, one declaration must be made at the town hall before you can put it on your window. It is true that putting a sign directly on the car is the easy solution, but lawyers will tell you that this is in no way legal. Please refer to article R 644-3 of the penal code indicating that any sale or commercial activity in the public domain without authorization is prohibited for any person. In fact, it must still be admitted that sanctions are rare and only concern situations of abuse.

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A hefty fine

You are now notified. By putting a ‘for sale’ sign on your window, you risk a fine of 750 euros. Worse still, your car may even be confiscated. How do you tell passers-by that you are selling your car? Simply put a poster on your vehicle when it is parked in your garden or in a private area! If this is not the case, the sales authorization must be issued 15 days before the date of sale, after having sent a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the mayor of the municipality. The car must be insured and registered at all times.

Since 2011, the sale of goods or exercising any other profession in public places has therefore been prohibited. The fine amounts to 750 euros, but it can be increased to 3,750 euros for legal entities.

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