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Two new Continental tires for electric cars

Continental unveils two new tires optimized for electric cars: the Conti CityPlus tire concept, as well as the UltraContact NXT series tire.

It was during the recent Munich show that the German equipment manufacturer unveiled its latest innovations in terms of tires: tires Continental optimized to optimize the performance and reduce the energy consumption of electric cars.

On the one hand, the Conti CityPlus tire concept improves the total energy efficiency of a tire by up to 10%, while the Continental UltraContact NXT tires feature up to 65% renewable materials, and display solid performance in wet grip, noise and rolling resistance.

Continental tires: up to 10% more energy efficient

The first tire presented is the concept CityPlus Accounts which, as its name suggests, has been designed to improve energy efficiency in urban driving conditions. Even if it can be used on all types of engines, it was designed to improve the performance of electric cars: in fact, the higher weight and torque of these vehicles amplify the loss of energy in the tires, in particular during braking and acceleration phases.

The Conti CityPlus is based on the Continental EcoContact 6 tire, with a series of modifications designed to reduce tire deformation during braking and acceleration : a stiffened tread thanks to a V-shaped pattern, a stiffer carcass which reduces tire deformation, and a modified rubber compound with an optimized polymer network. This results in higher overall energy efficiency.

The most durable production tire

On the other hand, the equipment manufacturer also presented the Continental UltraContact NXT, the most durable production tire in the automotive industry: its production began this summer in Europe, at the Continental tire factory in Lousado, located in Portugal. It is available with no less than 19 sizes from 16 to 20 inches at its launch, and can equip many vehicles, whether electric, hybrid or thermal, such as the Kia Niro, Volkswagen ID.3, Mercedes-Benz EQA, Tesla Model 3, Audi Q4 E-Tron, Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Golf 8, Audi A3…

The Continental UltraContact NXT tire carries up to 65% renewable, recycled and ISCC Plus mass balance certified materials, all with maximum security and performance. For example, we find resins based on residual materials from the paper and wood industry, silicates from rice husk ashes, or even polyester fibers made from recycled PET bottles with ContiRe technology. .Tex. Continental promises for UltraContact NXT “highest efficiency and optimal mileage”.

By 2030, the German company aims to have more than 40% renewable and recycled materials in its tires. Continental also wishes to have 100% sustainable materials in all his tires by 2050.

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