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It’s official, the future BMW M3 will be electric

Just a few weeks ago, the Bavarian manufacturer considered that a battery-powered M3 was “possible”. Today, probability has turned into certainty: the future generation will be 100% electric.

Frank Weber, head of product development at BMW, cleared up all doubts during an event organized by the brand in Portugal on the occasion of the launch of the i5. The first electric M3 in history will arrive in 2027. And it will be very powerful.

The Neue Klasse platform to propel it beyond 1,000 hp

Unless there are any surprises, the future M3 will be based on the Neue Klasse platform, the architecture which will give life to the new generation electric BMWs from 2025.

In addition to a 30% greater autonomy and an overall efficiency of 25% compared to current batteries, this platform could allow the Bavarian sports car to reach a potential power of 1,340 hp and transmit it to the ground via four electric motors.

BMW has been working on a model with four electric motors and based on the i4 for a while, although no launch date has been set yet. Once on the market, the M3 is expected to surpass the 660 hp of the i7 M70 xDrive, which is currently the most powerful electric car in BMW’s lineup.

A voiceless BMW M3 but “sensational” ?

Expectations are “very high”as Frank Weber recalled, speaking directly to fans of the brand: “Some may miss the sound, but there’s no reason to worry. They will love the way the car handles. It will be incredible.”

Still, for the moment, BMW does not necessarily seem ready to give up on its in-line six-cylinder, as evidenced by the new BMW M2, the future versions that will result from it, or the even more exclusive M3 and M4 which will arrive later.

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