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A 100% wooden Ford F-150 goes on sale

A strange Ford F-150 pickup truck has turned up for sale online. It is actually an entirely wooden vehicle!

The Ford F-150 is one of the favorite vehicles in the United States. Launched in 1975, its commercial success has been confirmed year after year, particularly in North America. This model is in fact known for its robustness and its utilitarian side. This pickup is traditionally built from steel, although examples have already been made from aluminum.

On the other hand, Ford never opted for wood. A certain logic governs this choice: a wooden vehicle would not be as resistant and would risk a fire at the slightest opportunity. However, these difficulties did not prevent an owner from embarking on the construction of a Ford F-150 designed entirely in wood.

A Ford F-150 made entirely of wood

The Ford-150 model that this owner wanted to imitate is more precisely that of 1983. In reality, it started from the original model and replaced all steel panels. In short, the Ford pickup received a new body made of 100% wood. Its designer used boards, posts and other building materials as a basis.

It is, however, not a statue or an exhibition piece. The pick-up is indeed in working order, and even works on the basis of a automatic transmission. One of a kind, it has just been put on sale via Facebook Marketplace pour 5,000 US dollarsor more than 4,500 euros.

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A mix of various influences

Pickup purists might argue, however, that it’s no longer technically a pickup. The wooden cabin two-door consists of two seats at the front and a bench seat at the rear. Extra seats have been added, so rear cargo is less spacious than in the original Ford F-150. The rear of the body is also very low to the groundwhich denotes a lack of practicality in certain situations.

Some might also argue that it’s not quite a Ford F-150. His style borrows several influences. The vertical grille evokes a Jeep, while the rectangular headlights on the front of the F-150 have been retained. The lines of the bodywork are curious and certain parts of the bodywork are devoid of varnish. Also, the weight of the wood is probably higher than the original steel body.

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