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DS 7 restyled: what do our readers think?

PLUG-IN HYBRID E-Tense Opéra 225 hp – 8.3 l/100 km – 47 km €63,300 / €60,800 *

* Real purchase price integrating the potential discount and the eco bonus/penalty.


Le design

With its sharp headlights and large grille, the front of the DS 7 gives a nice mix of aggression and standing. I also find its line more harmonious, more tapered than that of the X3. If the LED rear lights are really pretty, like the front headlights, on the other hand, the lighting located on the bumper, basic, spoils the high-end effect.

The DS 7 clearly has its place among premium SUVs

Life on board

I wasn’t expecting such a level of finishing: stitched leather steering wheel, quality materials and beautiful screens (digital speedometer and touchscreen tablet) have their effect. And the seats, what comfort! The rear seats also invite you to travel, the electric adjustment of the backrest tilt adds a touch of luxury. I adore. Finally, the trunk is not shameful compared to that of my BMW.


I appreciate the “cocoon” effect: silence, supple steering and soft suspension make me want to go on for more miles. I also note that its handling is reassuring. Even if it doesn’t have the performance of the X3, this DS 7 E-Tense is far from ridiculous. Electric autonomy remains, of course, limited but it’s nice to see that the French are finally up to par!

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Le design

The restyling of the DS 7 copies the gimmicks of a DS 4. The vertical daytime running lights are nice, but their light intensity is not uniform. Damage. The profile does not change and the line of lights circled in black requires time to observe to reveal the fine design work. Overall, I would have appreciated more developments to mark the novelty effect.

Aesthetic developments too timid for my taste

Life on board

I find the “top” quality of finish of my DS 7 Crossback. But again, I would have liked to see more changes to the presentation. I notice that the multimedia system has been improved, but it’s too light. This DS 7, however, retains its initial qualities: large storage spaces, all of which can be concealed, good comfort and a generous loading volume.


I drive electric on a daily basis and I appreciate that the DS 7 has gained a little autonomy, especially since we lose 30% of capacity in winter. But when the battery is empty, the heat engine is noisy. However, comfort remains a strong point. But given the increase in prices, we should expect a little more, there too.


Le design

This DS 7 has style and class. The front has the aggressive side of a 3008 in the headlights, while its grille and line remind me of the Audi Q5. It’s a great reference! I am just as convinced by the rear, whose lights refine the design, a bit like, this time, a Jaguar F-Pace.

I won’t hide the fact that this DS 7 is a good surprise

Life on board

The 16:9 format multimedia screen is nice and responsive. I like the cockpit ambiance of the driving position and the flattering presentation. The ergonomics of the controls also score. The steering wheel is pleasant to look at and to hold, that’s important to me. In the back, I expected a little more comfort, but the comfort is excellent. On the other hand, at first glance, the trunk seems smaller than that of the XC60 (1).


First observations: the steering of this DS 7 is flexible and the damping is very soft. I like its handling, it sits well on the ground. And despite its lower power, its engine is also a pleasant surprise: it has breath and the Sport mode adds a pleasant touch of pep. Finally, the autonomy is less than that of my XC60, but with daily charging, it is still OK.

1. 467 dm3 for the DS 7 E-Tense, 408 dm3 for the BMW X3 xDrive30e, 447 dm3 for the Volvo XC60 Recharge, Auto Plus lab measurements

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