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Speeding at 200 km/h, he wanted to arrive in time for the cake!

A Norman man was stopped by the police after having excessively speeded, according to him, to arrive in time for the cake.

Taken on the accomplished factit is sometimes difficult to find a credible excuse. When you are in front of the police and you have been caught red-handed, it is even more complicated. This is what this motorist was able to observe, who took out an excuse that is surreal to say the least after being flashed at 193 km/h. This young 20-year-old driver said he stepped on the accelerator so he could eat his piece of cake at the birthday party he was invited to. Obviously, the police were not lenient.

Heading towards the cake

The events took place in the Channel and the military will remember them for a long time. This motorist was on the floor on a national road and was quickly arrested. Her probationary license was obviously withdrawn immediately. Even though far-fetched excuses are legion during police checks, this one was odd to say the least.

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With a one-year-old child on board

Everything took place last Sunday, between Saint-Hilaire-Petitville and Guilberville. It was the motorized brigade which spotted the vehicle, while it was stationed along the national 174. It is therefore difficult to imagine that such a driver would be caught a few moments later. Even if his cake excuse may make you smile, you should know that he was accompanied by his partner and his one-year-old baby… By driving at 193 km/h, instead of 110 km/h normally (100 km/h for him, as a young driver), he took many risks.

Expected at a family meal, he did not want to arrive late to have a piece of cake. This young Norman was summoned to court that day and he will have to pay a large fine.

On its Facebook account, the Manche gendarmerie recounted the facts, not without a touch of irony: “Whoever wants their piece of the cake, respects the signs.”

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