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SUV: what are the most accessible models in 2023?

Largely dominant on the market, SUVs have gradually replaced several historical categories, even that of small entry-level models. Several of them are therefore accessible under €20,000.

The information came out last week: SUV/crossover sales now represent more than 50% of new cars sold in Europe. Half of the cars sold are in this category, which was still in its infancy 20 years ago, if we exclude pure 4X4s, which are in a category of their own. Sedans, minivans, coupes, convertibles and even city cars are running out of steam, while SUVs are on the rise! Here are the most accessible models in 2023.

Suzuki Ignis

The cheapest crossover/SUV on the market: the Suzuki Ignis. Positioned in segment A (Twingo, 108, Aygo etc.), it is a mini model, with the air of an adventurer. HAS 13 390€, it is offered in motorization 1.2L 90 horsepower microhybrid gasolineand manual gearbox.

Toyota Aygo X

While its main rivals have deserted the mini car market (A segments), Toyota persists and signs, converting its little Aygo into an adventurer crossover, called Aygo. HAS 16 400€ (limited offer), the smallest Toyota is available in Dynamic finish and 1.0L gasoline engine with only 72 horsepower.

Dacia Duster

Very popular model with us, the Dacia Duster owes a lot to its price: Only €17,990, for a family and rather sexy model since its second and current generation. A sum to pay to find a 100 horsepower petrol/LPG example, with two-wheel drive and manual gearbox.

Hyundai Bayon

Like Volkswagen, Hyundai has decided to offer several models in the same segment: the Bayon is thus the more affordable alternative to the Kona on segment B. This “bodybuilt i20” is displayed at €18,950 at entry level. You have to be satisfied with a 1.2L atmospheric unit with 84 horsepowerin manual gearbox.

SEAT Arona

Despite its severe lack of new releases in recent months, SEAT continues to offer interesting models, correctly positioned in price. This is the case of Arona crossoverproposed from €23,990 for a 1.0L 95 horsepower petrol engineassociated with a manual gearbox.

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