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This Alfa Romeo model costing several hundred thousand euros is extremely rare

An Alfa Romeo 1900C Supergioiello has just been put up for sale. This is one of three copies still in circulation.

Alfa Romeo is an Italian brand which, in the past, has built its reputation around exceptional vehicles. Among these, we must remember the 1900C Supergioiello. This is a 1953 model from the Alfa Romeo 1900 line. Its superb bodywork was designed at that time by Ghia bodywork, an old Turin company. And the 1900C Supergioiello is a particularly sought-after car.

Beauty is not everything in this vehicle from the 1950s. Its rarity largely explains its precious appearance. Only six 1900C Supergioiellos with bodywork from Carrozzeria Ghia were built worldwide. Even more, there would only be three copies still in circulation today. One of these extremely rare models has just been put on sale on September 17 by the Car & Classic company.

One of three examples of the Alfa Romeo 1900C Supergioiello has just been put up for sale

The Alfa Romeo 1900C Supergioiello sold via Car & Classic has left its manufacturer’s factories in 1953, like the other models in the same line. This was first imported into Spain, where it was immediately used as a rally car. Contrary to what its appearance might suggest, it is not a luxury road vehicle, but a sports car designed for rally races.

Moreover, this 1900C Supergioiello has had a great career in the field. It was driven by Gumersindo Garcia Fernandez in the 1955 Monte Carlo Motor Rally. However, her journey in the sport came to an abrupt end in the early 1960s, after she was involved in a serious accident. The car was repaired, but the Ghia-designed bodywork proved too difficult to reproduce.

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A potential value of several hundred thousand euros

Instead of faithfully reproducing the original bodywork, it was decided to create a new nose inspired by the work of another coachbuilder, the Carrozzeria Touring. The Afla Romeo 1900C Supergioiello then passed through the hands of several owners before being fully restored. In short, this is an exceptional and very rare vehicle, although the original bodywork could not be completely preserved.

However, what will its selling price be? For comparison, another example of Alfa Romeo 1900C Supergioiello was offered at auction by RM Sotheby’s in 2016 for an estimated value of nearly 500 000 euros. However, it had not been sold. Last June, another copy was probably sold for more than 500,000 euros via Bring a Trailer.

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