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Smart test #1: The Best Electric SUV Under €40,000?

Discover the Smart #1, the latest electric SUV from Daimler-Benz (Mercedes) and Chinese automaker Geely. Don’t be fooled by its affordable price of €40,000 or less, because this compact SUV offers impressive features that rival top competitors like the Tesla Model 3. Let’s explore its sleek design, premium interior, powerful performance, and impressive range.

Design: Sleek and Stylish

The Smart #1 stands out with its smooth, rounded design. Its two-tone shade in “Eclipse Black/Future Green Metallic” adds an elegant touch. You’ll notice similarities with Mercedes’ electric SUVs in terms of styling, especially with the front and rear lights connected by a light strip. The #1 also features stylish elements like 19″ rims, flush handles, dark tinted rear windows, and a floating roof.

Despite its compact size, the #1 offers five spacious seats and ample legroom. The rear seat can slide to increase either legroom or trunk volume. In fact, the trunk can expand from 333 to 445 liters, making it one of the best in its class. You’ll also find additional storage space in compartments throughout the cabin.

Interior: Premium with a Touch of Plastic

Step inside the Smart #1’s premium interior, complete with a large panoramic roof and white plastic accents on the dashboard. While the use of plastic may raise some questions, the real leather upholstery adds a luxurious touch. The seats are comfortable and can even be heated in three positions. The instrument panel features a small horizontal strip counter and a head-up display system projected on the windshield. The centerpiece of the interior is a responsive 12.8-inch central screen for navigation and control.

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Driving the Smart #1 is a thrilling experience, thanks to its powerful electric motor. With 272 horsepower and 343 Nm of torque, this SUV accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds. It offers rear-wheel drive, adding a playful character when you disconnect the electronic aids. The suspension provides a comfortable ride, and despite its weight, the #1 handles well. However, it’s worth noting that the range on the highway is around 280 km, while it increases to 405 km in urban driving conditions.

In terms of charging, the Smart #1 comes with a 22 kW charger (in the Premium version) and supports fast charging up to 150 kW. This allows you to charge up to 80% in less than 30 minutes.

Verdict: A Well-Priced Electric SUV

The Smart #1 offers a refreshing design, a premium interior, powerful performance, and a competitive price. Starting at around €40,000, this electric SUV is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable yet stylish and feature-packed vehicle. Take advantage of the current pricing, as there is a possibility of losing the bonus from January 1st due to production in China. Upgrade your driving experience today with the Smart #1!

Technical Specifications:

  • Version: Smart #1
  • Trim Level: Premium
  • Color: Eclipse Black/Future Green Metallic
  • Price: €43,815 (€38,815 after bonus)
  • CO2 Emissions: 0
  • Motor: 1 permanent magnet synchronous electric unit
  • Horsepower: 272 hp (200 kW)
  • Torque: 343 Nm
  • Battery: 66 kWh
  • Transmission: Rear-wheel drive
  • Gearbox: Automatic, 1 gear
  • Range:
    • Mixed (lab): 355 km
    • Highway (lab): 280 km
    • Urban (lab): 405 km
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 6.7 seconds
  • Length: 4.27 meters
    Width: 1.83 meters
    Height: 1.64 meters
  • Weight: 1,814 kg

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