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Driving Ban for Seniors Over 68 in Italy

In Italy, it is strictly forbidden to drive a heavy goods vehicle once you reach the age of 68. Read on to understand the details.

While it may seem insignificant, driving is a serious matter. The act of driving requires constant attention and responsibility. Obtaining a driving license is a necessary step before independently operating a vehicle. However, once obtained, the license is valid throughout one’s life, with the exception of serious traffic offenses such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A check from age 50

Driving after a certain age raises concerns regarding diminished reflexes and attention span. Serious accidents, including fatal ones, involving senior citizens have led to the introduction of compulsory checks for elderly individuals in certain countries. Italy, for instance, requires individuals to pass an exam starting at the age of 50.

A strict ban

The Italian government goes a step further by imposing a strict ban on individuals aged over 68 from driving heavy goods vehicles. Article 126 of the Highway Code states that it is “forbidden to have a C or CE driving license after age 68“. Violators face a hefty fine of 1,200 euros and a license suspension for a period of four to eight months.

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