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“`html Peugeot 408 test: what is the smallest 130 hp engine worth?

Faced with the success of the Renault Arkana, Peugeot decided in June 2022 to present its vision of an SUV coupe with the Peugeot 408, even if the lion manufacturer does not want to classify it in the SUV category, hence the the name 408 and not 4008. With an attractive style and powerful hybrid engines, the model has everything to please, except its price, which starts for a PHEV model, i.e. plug-in hybrid, from €45,450. To reduce the bill and display a much more attractive entry price, the Peugeot 408 is also offered with a “small” 130 hp thermal engine. This is the 1L2 Puretech, coupled to an EAT8 automatic transmission. So, is this small engine sufficient on the road, for the imposing vehicle? Answer in this article and in video!

Imposing dimensions and a very crafted look

At 4m69 long and 1m86 wide, the 408 clearly has SUV dimensions. Except for its height of 1m48, which corresponds more to that of a crossover or a sedan. In the mid-range allure pack finish, the model is fitted with 19-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels. On its front, the 408 features the manufacturer’s well-known claw light signature. The shape of the shields is also very fashionable, and the lines are plunging and bold. The grille is very artistic but certainly a little less well worked than on the GT finish.

In profile, the vehicle is obviously very slender, due to its low height and great length, and its fastback style, with its very plunging and cut roofline, which ends on a small rear spoiler. On the rear side, the lights are ultra-thin and in three parts. They are connected by a thin band with the logo in its center. But this rear side is very marked, especially by an imposing shield.

The i-cockpit is very present on board the Peugeot 408

Inside, Peugeot’s famous i-cockpit, with its digital i-toggles and its small steering wheel is of course there. In terms of instrumentation, the Peugeot 408 has a digital meter without 3D combined with a 10-inch touch screen. Everything is customizable. You can change the visual appearance of the meter as well as the color of the keys and the lighting ambiance.

The standard upholstery is made of three materials, mainly fabric. A Mistral nappa leather pack, which offers, as its name suggests, leather seats with the logo embroidered on the headrests is optional, billed at €2,820. But even without the leather seats, lateral support is sufficient. Overall, the general atmosphere is good, despite the presence of hard plastic in the cabin. On the center console are the gearbox control and some storage spaces. You also have optional induction charging for €100.

At the rear, despite the vehicle’s very cut lines, headroom is more than adequate. At the Auto Plus lab, the space between the roof and the bottom of the seat was measured at 91 cm. There is also sufficient leg space. Small downside in width if you have 3 passengers in the back. They may be a little narrow, but the distance offered remains average compared to competing models. As you don’t have a battery to store, the trunk volume is larger than on the hybrid versions. It is announced at 536 L. However, on this allure pack finish, you do not have an electric tailgate.

Real driving pleasure despite “small” power

Once the engine is started, despite a 1L2 Puretech 130 hp engine, this Peugeot 408 does not drag itself. She will have a little trouble when she starts again but nothing too disturbing. You have small paddles on the steering wheel to help the EAT8 gearbox a little, which, by the way, works very well. Despite its size, the 408 has a mass of 1414 kg, which may not seem like much given the scale of the vehicle, but don’t forget that there are no batteries for hybrid engines. This low mass, coupled with the 308 chassis on which the vehicle is based (it has been lengthened for the model), makes driving very agile and dynamic, but also serene whether in town or on the highway.

Its size can still be a bit of a handicap on small roads, but especially when parking. You will have to be a little patient sometimes to find a place that fits you. You are still well helped by the 360 ​​visio park. It allows you to have 4 different camera angles, including a top view. This is an option billed at €490. In terms of soundproofing, the model has very good acoustics on this allure pack finish. Disturbing noises while driving are well muffled. The brake is also well proportioned, as is the suspension.

Finally, in terms of consumption, this 408 with the 130 hp 1L2 puretech thermal engine does better than the hybrid versions in the mixed cycle. We measured at the Auto Plus lab 7.2 L per 100 km. But be careful, in town, you will not be able to save fuel like on other engines. Obviously, you do not have a 100% electric driving mode.

The 1L2 puretech, a good compromise to reduce the bill of the 408

Result of the races, well this Peugeot 408 with the smallest engine, thermal in addition, offers a great proposition to those who do not want a hybrid model or who simply do not have access to a charging station. Without options, the Peugeot 408 with the thermal engine in Allure pack finish is offered from €38,700. She also suffers a slight penalty which can vary from €330 to €400. It’s still a bit expensive, even if it’s still €6,000 less than a PHEV model. She is orderable ici.

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Peugeot 408 test: what is the small 130 hp engine worth?

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