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He hits the gate of the Departmental Council by car!

In Haute-Garonne, two cars collided and one of them ended up in the gate of the Departmental Council.

The events took place in Toulouse. Two cars collided on Thursday evening, around 10:30 p.m., at the foot of the Canal du Midi metro station and theone of the two motorists lost control of his vehicle which has finished its racein the portal of the Departmental Council of Haute-Garonne.

A spectacular accident

Given the violence of the shock, the Departmental Council of Haute-Garonne will have to have its gate repaired, or perhaps even changed. Even if the circumstances of the accident are not yet known, it is a safe bet that the two motorists were speeding. The accident took place on Boulevard de la Marquette in Toulouse. Only one of the two cars ended up in the gate of the departmental institution but the damage is significantif we are to believe the SDIS31.

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Firefighters go to the Departmental Council

Emergency services quickly intervened and performed first aid on a victim. The latter did not require hospitalization. The Haute-Garonne prefecture has been informed of the incident and an investigation is underway to find out more about the reasons for this accident. The police intervened on the spot to take charge of the community staff and everything quickly returned to order.

We do not yet know who is responsible for the accident in order to cover the material damage suffered by others during the accident. But be aware that if you damage property in the public domain, you will have to pay for repairs under article L116-6 of the highway code and your insurer may cover this compensation, if you decide to declare this loss. A report must be made between the driver of the car which hit the gate and the Departmental Council. He will then have to inform his insurer in the hope that it will cover the costs.

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