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How much does an electric car consume when parked?

Have you ever thought about the energy consumption of a stationary electric car?

Electric cars have been increasingly popular in recent years, with a wider range of models and more affordable prices. The fear of running out of range is still a concern for some drivers, so it’s important to consider the consumption of the model you want to purchase, in addition to its announced autonomy.

What consumption?

Most electric cars have a consumption rate of 15 to 20 kWh/100 kilometers, which is a reasonable figure. However, electric cars also consume energy while stationary. The Belgian start-up Re.alto conducted a study on this and found some surprising results.

An astonishing figure

According to the company, a stationary electric car can consume up to 1,000 kWh per year, which may seem unexpectedly high. This figure varies depending on the model and other factors, such as data transmission when the car is turned off or carrying out updates. The study suggests that this could result in an additional cost of 200 euros per year in France at the current price of electricity.

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