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Mercedes: more models compatible with level 4 automated parking

The Mercedes E-Class Sedan and Estate, EQE SUV and EQS SUV now offer the functionality of intelligent, driverless automatic parking pilot.

A year ago now, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch received the world’s first approval for the implementation of an autopilot system smart parking and without a driver, in the APCOA P6 car park at Stuttgart Airport, Germany. It is the first car park in the world to offer an automated valet service to Mercedes customers, and with its narrow parking spaces, it is the ideal configuration to implement such a service, to secure parking maneuvers while making life easier for users.

After the Mercedes S Class, EQS and EQE Sedan, it is now the turn of the E Class Sedan and Estate, but also the electric SUVs EQE SUV and EQS SUV, to benefit from this functionality. Automated parking SAE level 4, which allows automatic control of intelligent and driverless parking to be delegated to the car. In total, there are now seven models from the German brand that benefit from this technology.

Mercedes Intelligent Park Pilot: focus on automated parking

Thanks to the Remote Parking Pack and the Mercedes Me Connect service Intelligent Park Pilotit is possible for users of these models to get out of the vehicle and send it autonomously to a pre-reserved parking space via their smartphone.

This function of intelligent parking autopilot frees users from the hassle of looking for a parking space and parking there: the parking experience is more comfortable, and becomes a real asset in car parks with narrow spaces, such as that of the airport Stuttgart.

In practice, with the Mercedes Me app, the user reserves a parking space in advance, then drops off their car at a designated drop-off area within the parking lot. When all passengers have exited, the driver initiates the automated parking maneuver with the Mercedes Me app.

A true autonomous valet

The application confirms that the automated valet infrastructure has taken control of the vehicle: the driver can then leave the parking lot in complete peace of mind. Thanks to the intelligent infrastructure implemented by Bosch, the car automatically drives itself to the reserved parking spaceand parks there completely autonomously.

Upon returning to the parking lot, customers can recover their vehicle using the Mercedes Me smartphone application : the car then automatically leaves its place, then moves autonomously towards the pick-up area, in order to be collected by its owner.

The Intelligent Park Pilot function is made available in the services menu of the Mercedes Me application, when the Mercedes vehicle is compatible. The user must accept the use of Mercedes Me connect services with their personal Mercedes Me ID, and their vehicle must be registered with their user account. This automated parking function is subject to subscription: at the end of the initial period, users can extend the Intelligent Park Pilot service, to benefit from it for a longer period.

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