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Mobilize: the Limo electric sedan will ultimately not be marketed

Marketed by Mobilize, a new brand from Renault, the Limo was aimed to be an attractive model for taxi and VTC drivers. Unfortunately, its marketing has been canceled even before its launch.

Are you familiar with Mobilize? Officialized in 2021, it is the fourth brand under the Renault group, following Renault, Dacia, and Alpine. With a focus on new mobility alternatives, Mobilize is dedicated to electric quadricycles, passenger cars with drivers, mini urban utility vehicles, and more. Four models are already planned for 2025, including a two-seater Twizy replacement, an urban crossover, an electric utility vehicle, and an electric sedan for taxi and VTC drivers: the Border.

An electric sedan designed for drivers…

The Border is produced through a joint venture between Renault and the Chinese manufacturer Jiangling Motors. Called JMEV, this partnership involves the development of 100% electric vehicles. Although the model is not entirely new but rather a rebranded version of the JMEV Yi, sold in China since 2022. There have been sightings of the JMEV Yi in Paris since the same year. The electric sedan has provisional plates and is currently undergoing testing on the roads. The aim is to adapt the settings to comfort and behavior constraints, and start testing it with the main stakeholders: the drivers, with the official launch planned for 2024.

… which will ultimately never be launched

To attract customers, Renault had planned to offer a 36-month, 150,000-kilometer long-term rental package, including insurance, maintenance, and support. However, the monthly fee of €1,499 seemed too steep, especially for an unknown brand despite Renault’s reputation, even with its impressive technical features: 60kW battery powering a 150-horsepower electric motor and 450 kilometers of range. Reportedly, Renault decided not to launch the model in France or Europe. Despite its promises, Mobilize Limo has been canceled and will never be released…

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