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The Learmousine, an unusual mix between a limousine and a private jet!

This private jet is actually a limousine. Built in 2018, it is now on sale for more than four million euros!

This car is unlike anything known. It is in fact the only existing model in the world of limousine crossed with a private jet. An astonishing mix, which can only come from a mind at boundless creativity. In English, this type of vehicle is called « bonkers », which refers to a craft that defies the norm. Even common sense.

This is precisely the case of the Learning machinealso called « Limo-Jet moniker ». Certainly, it is neither more nor less than a custom. But the way in which it was carried out is not the most common. This creation dates back to 2018. And instead of building a classic limousine, its designer decided to start froma plane to make a car out of it.

The Learmousine, a unique example of an airplane transformed into a limousine

In short, the Learmousine is the only example of an airplane in the world approved for road driving. It owes its existence to the hard work ofExotic Coach Customs. According to AutoEvolution, it took no less than 12 years of intensive work to achieve this result. The expenses incurred still amounted to almostone million Euros.

This limousine is therefore the result of titanic work, probably carried out by enthusiasts who were not afraid to follow their dreams to the end. Thanks to its interior and its bodywork directly from the body of an aircraft, the Learmousine offers plenty of space to its users. Inside, it can accommodate eight passengers. And it’s just the size you need to throw a small party.

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A very expensive vehicle, but little sought after

La Learmousine is an excessively expensive car. Recently it was featured in an auction. However, its estimate rises to more than four million euros. This is more or less the price at which old Ferraris or Mercedes are traded, the value of which is justified by the rarity and precious nature of the car.

Put on sale via Goldin on November 1st, it did not, however, attract no potential buyer. This result is perhaps not surprising given its price and style, which probably does not correspond to a large population. But this limousine is nevertheless worth a look. Few cars are as modified and customized as this one.

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