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A plane collides with… a car!

It’s difficult to explain what caused this accident in the United States, between this plane and a car that was passing by…

The events took place in the United States, more precisely at McKinney Airport, Texas…Or rather a few meters further. Indeed, this plane landed on the runway provided for this purpose, before destroy the fence and finish his race on an adjacent road. A car who passed by was carried away by the violence of the shock.

The driver of the car is fine

According to the first details of the investigation, the collision was caused by the plane’s thrust reversal system. This would not have worked correctly and the machine would have become uncontrollable for the pilot. Miraculously, no casualties were reported. The video of the scene was posted on X and Internet users expressed their surprise at such an accident.

The scene took place on November 12 when a plane went off the runway due to a technical problem. The car, for its part, is destined for the scrapyard. Miraculously, the pilot suffered nothing and the motorist was only taken to hospital for minor injuries.

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A witness films the scene

As he watched the plane land, Jack Scheider quickly realized something was wrong. He says : “I saw that the plane was going much too fast and I understood that the pilot had not had time to stop.” Il filmed the accident with his smartphone before quickly contacting emergency services. Here is his video to give you an idea of ​​the collision:

More fear than harm for the two people involved but there is no doubt that they will remember it for a long time. In all likelihood, the reversing system did not work as he should have and the pilot did not have time to brake. Launched in his momentum following his landing, he ran into the fence and the car in front of him…

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