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Renault unveils its strategy for the future with its subsidiary Ampere

During the first edition of “Capital Market Day Ampere”, Renault unveils its strategy for its electric future with its electric subsidiary Ampere. The event at this press conference was the announcement of the new Renault Twingo. We give you all the details here.

Two speakers were present during this press conference. Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group as well as Thierry Piéton, Group Financial Director. A press conference to present the strategic vision of the Renault group with its electrical subsidiary called Ampere. In the introduction to this event, Luca de Meo announces that we are now entering the last phase of the “Renaulution” plan called “Revolution”.

Ampere, Renault’s subsidiary of the future

The vision and strategy of the Ampere division was revealed to us by the CEO of the Renault group. Luca de Meo announces that the group as a whole will design and launch 22 models in the years to come. A significant number thanks in particular to an investment of 4 billion euros per year in research and development.

At the financial level, Renault wants its subsidiary Ampere to progress quickly with market share and profitability. two digits in the first years of launch. The French group is therefore making a big bet on the future. For Luca de Meo, this is not a risky bet since he believes that no turning back is possible in the evolution of the automobile market. This is explained in particular in view of the decision-making and in particular that on the ban on the sale of thermal cars in 2035.

The car developed around software

With Ampere, Renault is rethinking the way it designs its cars. With its strategic partnership with Google et Qualcomm (the latter now being a shareholder of the group), it is no longer the software which is adapted to a car, but the reverse.

Indeed, it is indeed the vehicle which is built around the software. The cars will be directly connected to a Cloud, which will allow the vehicle to be updated remotely. And those, throughout its life cycle. According to Luca de Meo, this will save 1.5 billion euros in development costs over the next 10 years. This new system has a name, it’s technology SDV pour Software Defined Vehicle (vehicle designed around the software).

It is one of the major axes of this new generation of models from the electrical subsidiary. Thanks to its partnership with Google, all the technology and news d’Android will be available in Ampere vehicles. In Europe, Luca de Meo announces that Renault will prioritize this aspect when some prefer to bet on the autonomous driving. In fact, Renault chooses not to not invest massively in autonomous driving technologies. The group is rather counting on a level of autonomous driving of 2+ and open on the level three.

Overall, Ampere’s goal is to democratize the electric car. Renault wants to achieve a balance level prices between electric and thermal cars ahead of its direct competitors. Ampere currently has two platforms on the market specifically designed for electric cars. The second generation of these electric platforms will arrive in 2027/2028.

The Ampere subsidiary is structured around four production sites called “Electricity”. Two production sites, namely Douai et Maubeuge, factory Ruitz for battery components and factory Cleon which will produce the electric motors.

The new Twingo!

The highlight of this “Capital Market Day Ampere” is the presentation of the concept “Legend” which is none other than a prefiguring concept the next electric Twingo! At first glance, you immediately recognize the lines of the first generation of Twingo. Not surprising since for its Ampere division, Renault wishes to revive the noms and the lines cars iconic of the brand. We were therefore able to already have an example with the Scenic, the next R4 and the R5. Concerning the latter, Luca de Meo confirms that the latter will indeed be offered at the price of 25 000 € !

Regarding the next Twingo, Renault is doing even better. Indeed, the latter will be offered below the symbolic bar of €20,000 or less than 100 euros per month and all this without counting the ecological bonus. On the technical side, the boss of the Renault group also revealed an electricity consumption of 10 kWh per 100 km.

The outing schedule

From Megane E-Tech release in 2022 see you next time Twingo planned for 2026, we will still be in the first generation Ampere models. This first generation also includes the Renault 5 and the Scenic E-Tech planned for 2024 as well as the next Renault 4 planned for 2025. Concerning the new Scenic which will arrive in dealerships in the first quarter of 2024, its prices will start at 40 000 €.

From 2027, we will see the next generations of Ampere vehicles. It is during this period that Renault with its electrical subsidiary will present new models as well as replacements of the first generations of Scenic et Megane E-Tech.

Business to follow…

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