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This strange car only has 80 km on the odometer

This car is a sports car from Japan. A copy is for sale, the odometer shows very few kilometers…

Here is the Orochi a car from the factories of a Japanese manufacturer, Mitsuoka. Rather eccentric, this company is known for having designed surprising models. For example, it has already tried to transform a Toyota Yaris into a Jag Mk2, or an MX-5 into a Corvette C2 Sting Ray. She even tried her hand at converting a Toyota RAV4 into an American SUV.

The Orochi is one of these strange creations. It was designed as a mid-engine sports car. But it is above all its design which makes it a unique car of its kind. And not necessarily appreciated by everyone. This model was the subject of a first official presentation at the beginning of the 20th century. Very limited production then began in 2006.

A Japanese car with an unconventional design

The design of the Orochi is enough to surprise more than one person. Unlike many sports cars designed by tuners or small manufacturers, it is not a reproduction of a Ferrari or another known model. It’s actually a one-off car, built around a chassis made by Mitsuoka.

The design is neat, although unconventional. And the Japanese manufacturer has paid particular attention to the passenger compartment, which turns out to be comfortable. On the other hand, the performance of this car is not not as exciting. Moreover, the newspaper Autocar had described the handling and brakes as being « mous » during a test carried out in 2007.

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Only 80 kilometers on the clock

Today, the marketing of Orochi is over. Mitsuoka did not, in reality, produced only 400 copies of this decidedly very unusual car. And sales have not gone beyond the borders of Japan, so this model is not known outside this Asian country. Recently, a copy was nevertheless put up for sale on Collecting Car.

This model is not exactly the same as the one originally produced by Mitsuoka. It is in fact equipped witha supercharged engine more powerful than the original one. However, you should not expect incredible power, since it only develops 300 horsepower. The strangest thing about this sale is the car’s odometer: it only shows 80 kilometers. Obviously, the Orochi has not convinced its owner enough for him to use it daily.

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