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In the United Kingdom, this “monstrous” roundabout has 48 traffic lights!

This roundabout is considered the most confusing in the United Kingdom. Located in Essex, it has a way of losing motorists.

A real labyrinth. This is how this British roundabout could be described. As reported The Sun, this is probably one of the most confusing stretches of road in the UK. It is composed of 48 traffic lights. And its ways go in all directions. He would thus have the gift of completely losing certain motorists.

Drivers disoriented by the omnipresence of traffic lights and the size of this roundabout would sometimes even find themselves in the opposite direction unintentionally. In short, this intersection constitutes a real danger for motor vehicle traffic in the United Kingdom. And yet, it has been in place for almost 20 years.

This monstrous roundabout has 48 traffic lights

Always according to The Sunthe number of traffic lights is due to a desire by local authorities to better control traffic. In the end, their installation had the effect of losing motorists even more. “Videos of vehicles driving in the wrong direction can be found on the Internet”even emphasizes Martin Grossa town councilor in Colchester, Essex.

According to him, several motorists have already found themselves in dangerous situations on this roundabout. “Several drivers have been involved in accidents (…) We need a safety audit”, he said. According to this municipal councilor, he has already asked the person responsible for this part of the roads. “But he refused”.

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A risk of accident

Several surprising behaviors drivers passing through this roundabout have been observed. Some people drive the wrong way. Others simply seem lost when returning to this section of roads. “There must be something wrong if drivers are doing this, knowing the roundabout has been in place for 20 years”notes the municipal councilor.

According to him, the oldest people would be those who would encounter the most difficulties when driving on this roundabout. “It’s a monstrous roundabout that is easily confusing because you have to change lanes to get out. Motorists passing through the area have no chance of finding their way there”pointed out Mary Adams, a resident of Colchester. “I’m sure there will be an accident.”. In front of this situation, Essex Highwayswhich manages the roundabout, advised motorists to complain to local authorities if there are problems.

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