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Tesla is already backtracking on its Cybertruck

Tesla has already canceled the clause that prevented the resale of the electric pickup in the first year. The first deliveries are still scheduled for November 30.

Earlier this week on Auto Plus, we informed you of a surprising decision on the part of Tesla concerning the marketing process for its Cybertruck.

In fact, the American company had announced that anyone would buy one of the first copies of the electric pick-up should remain the owner for at least a year before considering resale.

There was a small exception, however, namely if you really needed to sell your Cybertruck within the year you purchased it, by contacting a dealer to request some sort of “permission.”

Tesla is already reversing the sails

Obviously, such a clause, which we sometimes find in the world of prestige brands for very specific models and subject to speculationhad sparked controversy.

Faced with the reactions this generated, particularly in the United States, Tesla would have decided to suspend this clauseand in particular the fine that could result in the event of resale in the first year.

What did this clause say?

If a customer decided to sell their Cybertruck before the end of the year without following the “procedure”, he risked a fine of 50,000 dollars (around 46,800 euros). Added to this is the fact that Tesla could refuse to sell other vehicles in the future to this same owner.

Tesla specified in the Cybertruck sales contract that: “You understand and acknowledge that the Cybertruck will initially be sold in limited quantities. You agree not to sell the vehicle within the first year following the delivery date. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if anyone is required to sell before this date for an unforeseen reason and Tesla confirms that the reason warrants an exception to the applicable policy, they must notify Tesla in writing and allow them a reasonable period of time to repurchase the vehicle.”

“If Tesla refuses to purchase the vehicle, the user will be able to resell the vehicle, but only after receiving written consent from the company. Tesla may otherwise seek an injunction to prevent the transfer of the vehicle and seek damages of $50,000 or the value received from the sale, whichever is greater.

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